You’re not “Miss Manners”, but you’ll have to do:

I asked this question on my personal Facebook page, but I didn’t get a very good response, so I’m going to ask YOU¹.

Let’s say that you feel like getting mail (real mail, not email) is fun and special. Let’s also say that you decided a couple years ago to send birthday cards to your family² (you’re not really good at making phone calls). Let’s also pretend that you are a very disorganized person suffer from ADD, like seriously…so while you have really good intentions and even buy the birthday cards a week or more in advance, sometimes most of the time you put those cards in a *special* spot and you forget to send them until you see that you MISSED THE PERSON’S BIRTHDAY, year after mother freakin’ year…

Do you:

A. Send the card anyways. These people are your family and/or your extended family. They *know* you. They *get* that you mean well and you are a total flake a scatterbrain a bit disorganized. Who cares if it’s a week or two late! People in general appreciate the gesture.

B. ARE YOU FREAKIN’ SERIOUS?!?! You can’t remember to ask your husband and kids to sign a card, write the (correct) address on the envelope, slap a stamp on it, and get it in the mail a day or two before someone’s birthday?!?!? What the hell is wrong with you? Give up now andcall your doctor to up your Adderall.


¹This first “YOU” I actually mean “you”, but in the rest of this post the words “you” and “your” actually refer to “me” and “mine”. I’m pretty sure you (the real you, not me) understood that, but just in case you (the real you again) didn’t, I (the real me, not you) wanted to clear that up.

²Let’s also say that you (as in me again) are just realizing that you (again, me) probably haven’t sent your (my) sister and her (actually her’s, not your’s) husband birthday cards…ever?

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2 Replies to “You’re not “Miss Manners”, but you’ll have to do:”

  1. Loving the new look!

    I say send the card late. Maybe put a little note inside, or on the back of the envelope if it’s sealed already, saying, “Oops! Sorry it’s late.” If you have a big stack for one person, then put them in a big mailer and tell the person you’re just getting ahead and they should open one a year for the next X years. :) I’m fully in the better late than never camp.

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