Would you like to start with an amuse bouche?


This is some sort of radish (I don't remember what kind), with goat cheese (YUM!), some sort of sprig, and a bit of pickles mustard seeds....delish!

So, Nathan and I aren’t any sort of *real foodies*, but we looooove good food. We’ve never treated ourselves to a fancy 5 Course Meal and we decided that this year we would celebrate Valentines Day and our 16th Anniversary by taking each other out to Corner Table. I *am* the type of person who takes pictures of their food before I eat it, and you are lucky that I have a blog and I’m going to share those pictures with you :)

Our first course¹ was some sort of beet salad:

Beet salad, with goat cheese dressing, sprigs, and some sort of cracker thing that had bits of pancetta on it. YUM!

The second course was gnocchi. It was a-maz-ing…probably my favorite dish of the night:

Best gnocchi in the whole world, served with truffle butter and a bit of parmesan - and don't forget the sprigs...

Now, we’ve made gnocchi before, but our’s has NEVER tasted this good. This gnocchi was so good that I drooled every time another table got served this dish…oh.my.yumminess.

Next was a lamb sausage, polenta, poached egg dish:

This was good, but...I like my lamb right off the bone, not really in sausage form....and srsly...I've had enough of the sprigs.

The last of the ‘dinner’ courses was lamb neck cannelloni with a mascarpone sauce:

This was delish, a bit on the sweet side for me, but still very good....again with the sprigs.

For dessert we enjoyed a chocolate mousse with tart cherries and some sort of caramelized sugar top:

I was seriously wondering if the dessert would contain 'sprigs'....

The whole experience was so amazing and I loved, loved, loved it. Like I said, we are by no means “foodies”, but it was fun to eat slowly, enjoying every bite, and celebrating each other.

The next morning we ended our Foodie Anniversary by making one of my all time favorite dishes: Crab Eggs Benedict

I make THE BEST hollandaise sauce ever. I could go up against any Top Chef and guarantee you that I would win!

Do you have a signature dish? Blog about it and link it in the comments below!


¹ Apparently the amuse bouche is not considered the first course. We had no idea about this so we spent most of the dinner confused by what course we were on…We won’t make that rookie mistake again.


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4 Replies to “Would you like to start with an amuse bouche?”

  1. Amuse bouche? Now there’s a fancy ass word.

    I love doing stuff like that. Don’t do it often but love it. Sometimes me and several of my bestest girlfriends will go out to a fancy schmancy place and just splurge.

    And each of us get something different and we all fork each others plates the whole night.

    I have no signature dish. Unless you count Fruity Pebbles with soy milk.

    And your breakfast looked to be the bestest of everything. He’s a lucky dude to have a hottie that can cook.

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