What’s Up?

I’ve been a little quiet lately. Well, I guess it’s more like I’ve been quiet on the internet. At home I’ve been kind of a raging basket case.

My friend is moving back to California.

I hurt my ankle *again*.

I went OCD on my Facebook account and made it such a big mess that I needed to start over. I lost some Facebook friends throughout the process….interesting….

I haven’t showered in a while.

Or put on make-up.

I’m on the down side of The Up/Downs.

It’ll get better.

It always does.

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4 Replies to “What’s Up?”

  1. Write when you’re down! You don’t have to post it here but it always amazes me how things come out when I write them down. Many times it turns out what I thought was upsetting me or bringing me down wasn’t the issue at all. When the real issue comes out in my writing I can get a little more control over it all.

    Plus the sun will come out again one day…I promise! I think we’re all more down that usual with this long winter.

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