What you might’ve missed because you were busy writing your best selling novel in a month…

First of all, I declared to all of you that I was going to join those of you who are taking on the NaNoWriMo challenge, but then I quickly changed my mind and decided to do this NaBloPoMo thing instead.

Then I had a quick brainstorming session about how this month was going to go and refocused on what The MFP blog/persona means to me.

A Facebook friend of mine wrote a post about how to help someone with depression and I wrote a post about how to help yourself when you’re feeling down and out. 

Except your bedspread. Glitter does NOT make your bedspread better.

I accidentally glitter-bombed my bedroom while trying to make my self-care kit and ended up with an (still) unfinished box with a box of wine in it. Personally, I call that winning.

Yesterday was A-MAZ-ING! I went on my first “on foot” event since my ankle tried to ruin my life a few years ago. I’m seriously considering a “race a month” challenge for 2016¹.

All in all, I’d say my first week of blogging everyday for a month went pretty good. Now…what have you been up to?


¹You know what would be really cool?!?!? If some of you BFFs joined me in my goal for a race each month for 2016. Walker AND runners would be welcome! (And I think tutus would NOT be optional.)

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