What exactly is “Art Unglued”?

Art Unglued was started in 2013 as another way to channel my creative side. I had been seeing a new therapist for a couple weeks and we talked about how I love making things, but then what do you do with them once you make them? A person can only use so many “scarves” and give out crazy, homemade, gifts every so often. Dana, The New Therapist, offered up the idea of starting an Etsy store.

I don’t often do things half way, so I stayed up late one night brainstorming a name for my new adventure. I wanted something that was original and also embraced the “crazy side” of myself: Art Unglued was a perfect fit!

I look forward to sharing with you the “meaning behind the art”.

*You can find my Etsy Store here: Art Unglued


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