Tough Competitor

I’ll admit it, I like to compete.  I’ve never been the kind of athlete or student to be ‘first’, so I’ve always competed, mostly, with myself – or for the coveted ‘not-last-place’ spot.

I’m going to try my luck at mountain bike racing this summer.  I started out saying things like:
“I hope I can do this.”
“This will be fun.”
“I’m just doing this to keep me motivated to lose weight.”
“My goal is to finish the race.”

I have now resorted to, “What were the times of the girls who raced in my class (at this course) last year?!?!?”  Yep, I did the math.  I made an excel sheet.  I’m tracking it and I am training for first place.

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5 Replies to “Tough Competitor”

  1. Should I admit I do the same thing? I lucked into an age group award last year at a small race. You better believe I'm going back this year!

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