This week’s Mother Freakin’ Co-Host: Malisa McCloud (Plus, a FLASH GIVE-AWAY!)

Have you ever met someone and knew right away that you would have an amazing relationship with them? What if you haven’t ever actually ‘met’ that person yet? Does it still count? Can they still be one of your BFFs? Well, I think so.

I met Malisa through our BFF, Katie. Malisa is awesome. She’s someone who gets excited, and she’s a ‘go-getter’. She’s bright, kind, and yet super down to earth. Malisa is a wife and mother of three. One of her greatest joys in life is her family.

I think you’re really going to enjoy getting to know Malisa a little better after her Co-Hosting post. She reminded me that no matter how ‘put-together’ someone is, they are all still overcoming their own battles.

~The MFP


My name is Malisa and I met The MFP through my friend of many many years, Katie. The MFP inspires me. She inspires me to put my thoughts out there and not be afraid of what others think.  It is my life, right? I will do as I please!  I have goals in life, and I am going to do anything I can to achieve them. So I am going to take a few minutes to bore you all with a bit about me and my life.

I am currently a fairly new Mary Kay Beauty Consultant who was introduced to the company because I had won a free facial/makeover for myself and as many friends as I wanted through the company in which I was buying my wedding gown. Besides my Mary Kay business, I also work full-time as an office manager at a manufacturing company (I drive one hour each way to get there).

Now here is my story. I was told I could never have children so I was very blessed when I met my husband and his two children that we have full time. They filled the gap in my heart of knowing I would never have my own biological child.

I struggled for a while with the wonder of “Why me?  Why can I not have my own? What did I do wrong?” Well, a little less than 2 years ago, God decided it was time for me to go through the joys of child bearing and I was ecstatic! How many women say they are ecstatic about growing pains, morning sickness, and so forth? I was!!!

January 30th 2012 I was blessed with my miracle baby (Landen)! Shorty after that, I suffered from postpartum depression and I didn’t understand how I could be depressed after experiencing the most amazing thing in the world, having my own child. I started seeing a therapist, whom I still see today.  Landen is going to be 1 on the day you will be reading this! Who would have thought that the reason I was always so on edge was because I suffered from anxiety for years, which did not by any means help my postpartum depression!

I took 6 weeks off work and stayed home with my bundle of joy. Those 6 weeks sure went fast and I enjoyed every minute of it. I contemplated staying home, I dreaded going back to work. Not because of my job (I have a really good job), but because I did not want to leave my baby. My boss offered me a great package that at that time everyone said, “You are crazy if you do not go back to work”. So here I am, back at work, dreading each day I walk out of my house and leave my little man for 10 hours.

My old hours required me to leave my house at 6:30am and get home at 6:00pm. With my new hours, I leave at 7:30am and get back home about 5:30 pm. Landen goes to bed between 7-7:30pm. This still only gives me an hour and a half a day with him and once in awhile, the depression hits. I think to myself “He’s going to call the babysitter mom” and “He won’t know who I am.”  It breaks my heart when I am not the first one to see one of his “firsts”. I hate that I get about an hour and a half a day with him, it is simply not enough time. I decided enough was enough. I needed to be home more with the kids so I contacted the lady who did my Mary Kay party.

Having Landen is what truly inspired me to start Mary Kay. I can be having the worst day ever, but when I walk in that door and he comes around the corner, wanting up and giving me the biggest hug ever, he makes me forget about whatever it was that made my day bad. I do not want any bad days, I want more time with the kids. I do not want to miss the older boys’ games. I want to be a part of everything in my family.

Mary Kay has also helped with my anxiety in many ways. It has given me more confidence so I feel better about myself and it has given my family more financial freedom so we do not have to worry about which bill to hold off on for a week, etc.

With Mary Kay, dreams can become a reality. Yes I know, you are all probably sitting there thinking “blah blah blah”. I was one of you thinking “blah blah blah”, before I gave it a chance.

But, Mary Kay is making my dreams come true.With Mary Kay, I create my own hours, work when I want, and determine how much I want to make. I work my business around my family activities, not my family activities around my job and the recognition is amazing! I’ve earned a ton of jewelry and other items. Before too long, Mary Kay will be buying me a car! How many companies buy you a new car every two years and give you diamonds?

Mary Kay has made my dream a reality. My dream of mary-kay-brush-collection-launch-category-grid-col-189610wanting more time at home was never going to happen. Now after starting with Mary Kay, I can honestly say that I see the opportunity of going part time at my current job, and hopefully soon be able to proudly say “I’m a Stay at Home Mom” with her own Mary Kay Business!


Make sure to go check Malisa out. You can find her on Facebook (where she posts lots of great make-up/skin care tips) or you can email her at If you would like to place an order, you can go to She ships anywhere in the US. There is a 5.5% tax and small shipping fee added after the order is received.

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  1. And for the record my three thoughts on Miss Malisa is that first she is a wonderful mommy, second she has a heart of gold, and third she is a person that whether you have “met” her or not can bring a smile to your face and make you feel fabulous!! She should always smile and remember she is wonderfully perfect the way she is!!

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