There is NOTHING better then a handmade Valentine <3

I used to hate Valentines. I mean I really freakin’ hated it. All the hearts and the flowers and the candy and the sickening love crap…I boycotted Valentines Day for MANY years. And then one year Nathan was all, “What is your problem with Valentines?” Under his breath he added, “And all the other holidays too?!?!?

I took the predicted route and blamed it all on my mother.¹ She was ALL about Valentines and every other holiday that might require some sort of expectation of us (my dad, sister, and me) to shower her with love and affection. We failed miserably every time. Eventually I gave up. I hated holidays, even my birthday. The words Nathan said next changed my entire look on Valentines day².

He said, “I think it’s romantic that so many people are professing their love for each other all on one day. Why won’t you let me share that with you?

Um? <swoon>

We’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day ever since. It’s not a big deal at our house. There are no diamonds or new cars. Sometimes there are flowers. Sometimes there is candy. Sometimes there are hand-made coupon books of love. The kids always get a little present, and we spend the day thinking of each other and about love <3

This year?

The Artist has a BoyFriend (this is his ‘new’ name). The Artist and The BoyFriend had plans to get together and since The Artist doesn’t have her license yet, I am in charge of her transportation. Fine. No big deal. Until? The BoyFriend ends up changing plans…

I made the best of it. A friend picked up The Brainiac and brought him to his playgroup. I picked up a giant can of Red Bull and headed to the Mall of America with The Artist. I made sure The Artist met up with The BoyFriend, then I planned on perusing Barnes & Noble for a book or two.

I got distracted: SHINY!

Uh….I wish I would have used my Curlformers today.
I like other colors besides *just* pink! And YES these are those awful ‘take a picture of yourself in the mirror with your phone pictures’…fuck off. I mean Happy Valentines Day.

Then it was kind of go go go until evening (or maybe that was just the giant Red Bull I drank?). While Nathan was finishing his workout, I made you a Valentine:

I know. I have the editing skills of a Kindergartner on crack. Except that is all sorts of wrong…

I’m guessing you would like a closer look at your Valentine?

So if you look close, you can see that I started with a really nice pink heart. I added “Be Mine” in glitter because its the herpes of crafts and its VD day…LOL? no? Ok. I then added a glitterish heart on the left and a glitter border. I wanted to add hugs and kisses so I found a Dos XX beer bottle cap for you. I also found a ‘heart’ cap…or a ‘vagina cap’? What ever. For those of you who don’t like hugs I added a “high five” bottle cap. Then I wanted to make you a “kiss” charm – I made that myself, thankyouverymuch. Here is where I got a little excited and I added a crown (duh!) and the key to my heart (sweet). Then I went a little crazy and was all “you light up my life” and we should have candles because that is romantic. BUT wait! I have some brads I don’t know what to do with so let’s hot glue them to your Valentine (smart!). I had to add a few bigger gems, like diamonds so you know I really care. Then I wanted to do a play on Cupid so there is the Nerf dart. Next is the Hershey’s Kiss because chocolate is so Valentines. And you might need some lipstuff from all the kissing…and then? The pencil. Because? Um…I have no idea. When you figure it out, let me know.

So here is Nathan’s Valentine to you. He went all out (not to be out done by me.):

Does this look like a scene from Dexter to anyone else?!?!?!?

Seriously though, Happy Valentines – even if your boycotting the whole thing. XO

~The MFP

¹Which is probably true in this instance.

²The history of Valentine’s Day is awful, but truth be told history is mostly awful, so let’s turn it into something NICE and not repeat history, no?

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19 Replies to “There is NOTHING better then a handmade Valentine <3”

  1. Your valentine? Now that’s special, right there. And your face while holding it up is hilarious. It almost says, “I don’t know what the f*ck happened here, but here’s your valentine. I understand if you’re scared.”

    1. LOL! I am totally stealing that when I re-post this on Twitter! And no. There were no animals harmed in making this Valentine. :D

  2. I COMPLETELY LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!! The reason why you love valentine’s day now, the fact that your store of choice to peruse is B&N (I could get lost in there for days!), and that you made that kinda-scary-but-cute-anyway Valentine!

  3. Damn, check the hottie in the blue top up there! Yowzers.

    And I totally love your Valentine. Even with the vagina cap that I didn’t even notice was a vagina cap until you mentioned it possibly being a vagina cap.

    (And never before in my conversations have I put the words vagina and cap together.)

    Anyway. You look fabulous. And I so wish I had the balls to throw some color in my hair like that. So wish it.

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