The real reason people own dogs.

Sure, dogs are great. They’re usually soft to pet. They entertain us. They look cute and dogs do that whole ‘unconditional’ love thing.  We have two dogs; Tiara, The Rescue Dog, and Bailey, The Bendy Dog.


Tiara (The dog formerly known as Kiara) was Kelsey’s Mom’s dog, and even though we were reluctant to take her in at first, I can’t imagine life without her. Although it is a bit sad to adopt an older dog (she’s about 13 years old and we’ve had her for just over a year), I’m glad she’s with us instead of the alternative.

Tiara’s a little high strung, but full of character, easy on the eyes, and she’s got that whole “soft to pet” thing down pretty good. Look how cute and snuggly she is!

Bailey sitting upBailey…well…she’s also a rescue dog. She was part of an abandoned litter that was bottle fed to survive. Her mother was a Labrador and her dad was a Rottweiler/Husky. This makes her a Labra-Rot-Sky. We figured some people might mistake her for a mutt, and if we had a fancy name for her breed, it would make her a designer dog, right?

Bailey is kind of amazing. Besides having the cute and cuddly – I’ll love you forever! – Can I be your best friend! – thing down, she’s bendy¹. She’s certainly kept us entertained over the years and we have plenty of weird pictures of her hogging disk space on my computer.

If you’re new here, I like to cook. (Um. no. I didn’t cook my dog, but I promise, these two things have something to do with each other.)  Well, Nathan and I finally invested in some professional, stainless, pans. They take a bit of getting used to, but after a year or so I’m finally getting the hang of them. One of the greatest things about these pans is that you can cook with them on the stove top AND put them in the oven. I’ve started to use them in the oven more often, except I forget that the handles, which normally stay nice and cool to the touch, get really freakin’ hot when they go in the oven. I’ve burnt myself on more than one occasion².


The last time I burnt myself, Nathan tried some sort of hocus pocus burn treatment on me. I ended up with a scab on my forearm. I’m not entirely convinced that what he did ended up any better than traditional burn treatments I’ve tried in the past: cursing, kicking, and ignoring it (and possibly ice).

Here’s the great thing about about dogs:

A couple weeks after I burnt myself, I accidentally flicked the scab off my burn and instead of having to bend down and pick it up, Bailey ate it. bendy bailey

And THAT’S the real reason people have dogs.

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¹Here’s another great thing about Bailey: If you come over to my house, you are pretty much guaranteed to get licked IN THE MOUTH BY MY DOG. She has an amazing ability to do this. Of course, this trick probably won’t help us if someone breaks in.

²More than one occasion? Seriously, I burn myself every fucking time I put those damn things in the oven.

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