The P.J. Party

I was recently invited to a girl’s pj party. I know, it might seem that I am a bit too old for pjs and toilet papering, but I’m not. The invitation was a nice surprise. It was being hosted by a woman who I think is amazingly intelligent and kind. In fact, when I got my e-vite and glanced through the who’s invited list, I asked myself (out loud), “Why did I get invited?” The women who were on the e-vite list totally outclassed me.

The day of the pj party came. Of those who responded “yes”, I was the only plain-ordinary-less-then-highly-intelligent, woman going. I called my sister in a panic. My only question: “What if they don’t like me?” and in her brilliant-don’t-take-shit-from-anyone-way she responded. “It’s not like middle school. They don’t invite the one girl from the trailer park to make fun of any more.” Not to be outdone by her common sense I say, “but they are all really smart and stuff. They know Shakespeare and read The Classics.” “What if they don’t like me?” I say again, just in case she didn’t understand the question. And she says one of the most profound things I have ever heard. She says, “Not everyone has to like you.”

WHAT?!?!? I make her say it again. “Not. Everyone. Has. To. Like. You.” she says. In that moment a sense of relief washed over me. It’s true. Not everyone has to like me.

I’m silly and immature. I’m fun and most often crazy. I’m sensitive and strong. I often try hard to not cry. I forget people’s names and don’t remember birthdays. I haven’t been to college and I use spell check a lot. My hair is naturally wavy and unnaturally died. I hate making decisions and I love potatoes. I’ve hurt and I’ve been hurt. I’m bold and insecure. I’m usually right, but when I’m wrong I admit it.

I’m me and you don’t have to like me ~ but I sure hope you do :)


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3 Replies to “The P.J. Party”

  1. Wow…I am still trying to learn that people don’t have to like me. Or even that maybe I am likeable even if I am feeling gray. When I got a part-time job a couple years ago, and I did office work, but also maintained the computers, I came home and said “OMG, these people think I smart! That’s cool!” Ben said “Um…you ARE smart.” When I joined SWQuest, after getting to know some people pretty well, I came home and said “OMG, these people think I’m cool!” Ben said “Um…you ARE cool.” It was that point that I realized that I didn’t have to pretend to be smart or cool or whatever…I just was. Kimberly, you are very smart, creative, thoughtful, cool, and so much more, regardless of if you lived in a trailer park or went to college or have any “credentials”. But, if someone decides that they don’t like you, I think that has alot more to say about them than about you. You are right though, they don’t have to like you. And you realizing those things makes you F.A.M.F.P.!! (f*$#ing awesome)

  2. OMG Whatevvvvv . . . First, I may not have seen you in way too many years but I know you are still the COOLEST. And cool is just a different type of smart. You can read all the “classics” you want and talk about Kandinsky paintings and truffle hunting in Tuscany but if you can’t juggle kids, FB and a tiara . . . I don’t want to know you. You’re a peach princess!

  3. Um…I’m not Oliver. That’s my dog. lol

    Deleted that. Now I’ll post from me and not my dog. ;)

    I just wanted to say that I don’t just “like” you, Kimberly. I love ya. :D

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