The making of my coping kit?

You know how yesterday I was all, Take that, you damn unfinished project that’s been sitting under my dresser, mocking me! I’ve found the perfect use for you. I will no longer feel bad about prepping your surfaces with gesso and then abandoning you under my dresser. You’re going to help make me feel GOOD!”?

Well, this morning I grabbed that damn box from under the dresser and started to locate my art supplies. Time to finish that project and fill it with goodies to help me feel better when I’m down and out.

Srsly...look at all those cool art supplies!
Srsly…look at all those cool art supplies!

(I don’t think I’ve mentioned that my adult step-daughter moved back in a few months ago and we really haven’t taken the time to re-organize our house. So…all of my art supplies are tucked away here and there in my bedroom and maybe in the hall closet?) After opening a few plastic storage tubs, and finding a few things under my bed, I had plenty of supplies to work with.

I spread them out on the table and then thought it’d be a good idea to pull up Youtube and watch a few videos on mixed media journaling since that’s pretty much what I wanted to do with the box. Make it all cool and fancy, you know?

As I watched the videos, I felt like there where a few things missing in my art arsenal. I knew I had more boxes of art stuff around, so back to the bedroom I went. And I hit the JACKPOT! I found a box of stencils, stamps, and miscellaneous stuff tucked away in a bookcase. There was even a container of cheap pink metal bangle bracelets in there!

FullSizeRender 2

I set the box on my bed and started digging through the goodies. If this much cool stuff was on top of the box, you know there’s really good stuff at the bottom.

And then I saw it…

A good sized jar of glitter had opened up and spilled a bit at the bottom of the box. (I told you the really good stuff would be at the bottom.) I sighed a little because that meant I was probably going to have to wash my stamps up before I used them.

*le sigh*

BUT, I thought….

It’s okay. It’s just a little glitter and I know it’ll rinse off just fine.

Until I moved the jar of glitter. FullSizeRender 3And it wasn’t just a little bit of glitter that spilled out. There was at least a fourth of a cup of glitter at the bottom of that box, that’s sitting on my bed. I picked the box up, hoping that maybe, just maybe all the glitter stayed in the box. Um…no. There’s now glitter all over my bedspread¹.

At that moment, it felt like I was betrayed by one of my closest friends.

I fucking love glitter. How could it do this to me?!?!? GAH!!!!!!!

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

I gently put the box with the loose glitter and art supplies back into the bookcase where I found it. I gave my comforter a good quick shake, came out to the dining room, shoved all my art supplies in their plastic storage bins, brought them back to my room, grabbed that fucking unfinished box, put a box of wine in it, and shoved the mother fucker back under the dresser.


Then I did what any normal person would do.

I left the house and went to Target².


¹We’ve all heard “glitter is the herpes of crafts”, so now my bed has herpes?!?!? Also, don’t mention this post to Nathan. We’ve been married for almost 20 years. He’s pretty used to random glittery sparkles. I bet he won’t even notice. ;)

²While I was at Target, I found the perfect solution to this whole mess…stay tuned!


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