You don’t always need a self-help guru, sometimes you just need the cashier at your local grocery store.

Last night I ended up running to the grocery store around 10:00. I only needed two things: a case of Red Bull & some spinach artichoke cheese dip. (Don’t judge, remember? We’re practicing acceptance.) Usually when I only have a couple things I’ll hit the self-check out and it’s super fast. Unfortunately my local store shuts down the self-checkout at 10:00 and I missed it by about 30 seconds. I had to go to a regular cashier and wait behind a guy with over $250 worth of groceries. *le sigh*

Eiffel Tower black and whiteThere are worse things in the world happening right now. Missing out on the self-check wasn’t even a concern for me, but it was for the lady behind me. She snickered, “What is this?!?! They shut down the self-check?”

In a soft, neutral tone, I quietly said, “It is 10:00.”

Then the cashier pleasantly greeted the man in front of me, who had the conveyor belt full of groceries, with a smile and asked how he was doing today. He ignored her. He flat out ignored her so much so that I thought maybe he was deaf. As she rang up his items, he started bagging them. It took a few minutes. It was a WHOLE FREAKIN’ CONVEYOR BELT OF GROCERIES so it probably took almost five whole minutes. Again, there are worse things than missing the self-check out. *le sigh*

I waited patiently. The woman behind me wasn’t as patient as I was, but she had dropped her snarky attitude so at least she wasn’t making the situation worse.

When the cashier was done ringing up the man’s groceries, she told him that she had coupons for a couple of his items and proceeded to ring in those coupons for him. She gave him his total. He swiped his card, signed the signature pad, and handed her the card to compare the signature. He still hadn’t acknowledged her.

After she compared his signatures, with her same pleasant voice, she said, “Looks like you’re still paying for your own groceries.”

I started to giggle. He finally looked up at her and mumbled something like, “Uh. Yeah.”

His transaction was over and it was my turn. I told the cashier that it was really nice of her to notice he had coupon items and for her to look the coupons up for him.

In the same soft and neutral tone I used towards the gal who was impatient about the self-check being closed she said, “We’ve gotta look out for each other.”

BFFs, look out for each other today. Smile at each other. Hold the door open. Use a soft/kind voice. Even if your heart is breaking or you’re angry as hell, please…look out for each other.



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