It All Depends On How You Look At It

This year at the Olson household (as with many other households) money is a little tight. We’ve been making cutbacks and re-arranging our budget. We haven’t gone out and done anything crazy, like canceling cable, but we have been making some modest choices. One of these choices is the refusal to buy more Christmas paper.

You see, for some reason I have an obsessive compulsive thing with saving scraps of Christmas paper. We have more scraps then actual rolls. When we decided to wrap presents the other night, we realized exactly how low we are on good pieces of Christmas paper. We have a lot of three inch by six inch pieces, but a nice good square at least one foot by one foot?….it’s not happening. Nathan looked at me with a worried expression. I said, “I’ve got one partial roll hidden in our closet.” Whew, we have enough paper for a couple of the bigger gifts. We wrap those gifts and then….silence.

“Ha!” I scream, “I got it! It’s not scraps of paper cheaply taped together. It’s mosaic wrapping! IT’S ART!”

I just saved us five bucks. Nathan just smiles. Good thing he loves me.

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Promises, Promises

Last week I promised myself that I would blog everyday for 30 days. I missed yesterday. I could tell you all the *reasons* why, but I don’t think they really matter that much. I will tell you a few things I learned about myself yesterday.

1. I’m a night person. I have the most energy in the early evening and at night. I feel my most creative then. I like to write then.

2. I will need to plan ahead if I know I’m going to be busy in the evening and get my blog out earlier in the day. Or be okay with writing while entertaining? (no.)

3. I have a lot of insecurities. I want to know of the people who came over last night had a good time. Did they like me? Did they like my house? Do they like my husband? Do their husbands like us? Will they come back? And what if they didn’t like it so much? Are they gonna say, “Dude, that sucked. You’re okay, but really….that sucked.”

4. Even though I have insecurities about entertaining….I love it! I love having people over. I like cooking for them and chatting and playing games. I have little-to-none in the social graces department, but oh well….home sweet home!

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30 Days

Someone once told me that a person can do anything for 30 days. So I’ve decided to put myself to the challenge. I am going on a 30 day blogging spree. I will guarantee you that some of these 30 Day posts will be ridiculously bad, but I have hopes that some of them will be really fantastic too!

I’ve been debating all day as to when to start the challenge. Do I start now, just a day or two before Thanksgiving, right in the midst of the Holiday ramp-up? Or do I wait until after the New Year begins? Well, I’m *me* and I don’t have much for patience, so I decided to start today :)

Day one of the “30 Day Blogging Spree” has officially begun. If you are a fellow blogger and would like to join me in my efforts, feel free! We can support each other and stamp out writers block like good friends sizzling each others hair with aerosol hairspray and a curling iron. We may be a little frazzled at the end, but I’m certain we will enjoy the results :)

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I have a few collections. Okay, I have several odd collections. One of my favorite collections is of floor cleaners. You see, I own five of them. They all have different purposes. Some are for the hard floors, some for the carpet. I have a couple that are for getting into the tight cracks and corners, and some are made specifically for sucking up dog hair.

You see, I can’t help myself. I go into the store and somehow find my way to the floor cleaning mechanisms aisle and next thing you know I’ve got some sort of cleaning deal in my cart. You see, there *has* to be the perfect machine out there. The one that will clean both hard and carpeted floors. One that will steam clean stains out of the carpet and vacuum dog hair all at once. This machine will get into the cracks and crevasses, without any attachments. It will be light weight and be able to suck up a small child.

I’ll admit, I’ve actually been talked out of the floor cleaning aisle more then once…apparently some people don’t think I *need* another appliance to clean the floor. Oh, but I do. One of the top things on my Christmas list this year is a Little Green Machine :)

So, what kinds of things do you collect?

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If You Buy The MFP a New Screen Door…

If you buy The MFP a new screen door (which she has wanted for the last five years!)…She will want to paint the old metal door a really fabulous red color so the whole front of the house looks super cool.

So her husband will buy her a small can of really fabulous red paint.

If she gets ready to paint the door a really fabulous red color, she will notice the trim on the door is awful and will want to paint that too.

If she wants to paint the trim, she will catch on to the fact that she cannot paint it the really fabulous red color. The trim will need to be painted white. She plans to send her husband to the store for some white paint. (Her husband needs to go because The MFP has not showered yet for the day. Nor has she done her hair/make-up. Her husband has a shaved head and so he automatically wins the “gets – to – go – to – the – store – for – paint – this – morning” award.)

If she wants to paint the trim on the front door, she will realize that the garage door trim should also be painted. The garage door trim is a mess.

Before she paints the trim, she also recognizes the trim must be scraped of loose, old paint, and then cleaned so the bright new paint will adhere. She will get the husband to test out his old wire brush and see if his old wire brush will be okay for getting off the loose paint. Her husband will then realize that his old wire brush will be too dirty for The MFP to use. He offers to buy her a new brush when he goes to get the white paint for the trim.

As her husband is off buying white paint and a sparkly new wire brush for The MFP, she will then get the idea that this is kind of funny and decide that this would be a good time to blog…

Tiaras and Tutus~

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