I’m crazy (about some things) and it’s totally okay.

Srsly…This is so totally, completely, the wrong way to keep eggs in a carton. Who does this?!?!

I was making myself an egg for breakfast yesterday and when I pulled the eggs out of the fridge, I knew before I even opened the carton something was wrong.

You see, Nathan had not only boiled some eggs for his salads for the upcoming week, he also made me breakfast in bed on Sunday¹. So…he was the last one to use the eggs.

And he didn’t use them in the right order.

I could tell as soon as I picked up the carton. The weight of the carton was off. It was all heavy on one side and totally weight free on the other side.

*le sigh*

I’d have to re-arrange the eggs before I made my breakfast.

As I opened the container, my youngest son walked in and watched as I re-arranged them. Then I took an egg out for my breakfast and stood there. Frozen. I was left with five eggs in an eighteen egg carton.

Kade tried soooo many ways to get the eggs to work for me while keeping them in the carton.

Sometimes talking out loud about a situation helps, so I started talking to myself about the egg situation. Trying to figure out a way to fit five eggs in an eighteen egg carton correctly. Noticing I had a pretty intense problem on my hands, Kade weighed in and tried to help me find a solution, although he looked at me strangely and simply said, “Just put the eggs in the carton, shut the carton, and put them in fridge.”

But there was no chance in the world that would happen.

See? This arrangement of eggs is PERFECT!


I know myself too well. Those unbalanced eggs would’ve bothered me for days, or at least until someone used another egg. There was only one real solution.

Put the five eggs in a bowl and recycle the egg crate.

Kade looked at me like I was crazy. So I said, “I’m crazy. And it’s totally okay.”

The eggs were placed in their new home and put back in the fridge, while I enjoyed a stress free breakfast.


¹What did Nathan make me for breakfast you ask? Poached eggs, wilted greens, and bacon. It was perfect. Except the whole using the eggs in the wrong order thing, but I think I can forgive him. ;)

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What’s Up?

I’ve been a little quiet lately. Well, I guess it’s more like I’ve been quiet on the internet. At home I’ve been kind of a raging basket case.

My friend is moving back to California.

I hurt my ankle *again*.

I went OCD on my Facebook account and made it such a big mess that I needed to start over. I lost some Facebook friends throughout the process….interesting….

I haven’t showered in a while.

Or put on make-up.

I’m on the down side of The Up/Downs.

It’ll get better.

It always does.

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A Little Less OCD

When I was younger I was a little compulsive about things.  Okay, I’m still compulsive about a few things…but I was *really* compulsive about toilet paper.

Not only was I particular about what kind of toilet paper I used (and Charmin Basic…is NOT the same thing as Charmin Ultra) but I was really picky about how the toilet paper was put on.  You know the whole ‘under’ or ‘over’ argument?  I was an ‘over the top’ person.

I was so OCD about the ‘over the top’ thing that if I was at someone’s house and the toilet paper was on ‘wrong’ I’d fix it for them.  I know, I know…totally freaky.

Fast forward to me now:

I have three kids and a dog who likes to unroll the toilet paper.  My only hope is that there’s more then one square left on the roll.

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Tough Competitor

I’ll admit it, I like to compete.  I’ve never been the kind of athlete or student to be ‘first’, so I’ve always competed, mostly, with myself – or for the coveted ‘not-last-place’ spot.

I’m going to try my luck at mountain bike racing this summer.  I started out saying things like:
“I hope I can do this.”
“This will be fun.”
“I’m just doing this to keep me motivated to lose weight.”
“My goal is to finish the race.”

I have now resorted to, “What were the times of the girls who raced in my class (at this course) last year?!?!?”  Yep, I did the math.  I made an excel sheet.  I’m tracking it and I am training for first place.

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A Little Less OCD

I’ve been doing this ‘training’ thing for a few reasons.  First, I’m going to try mountain bike racing this year – scary, yet freaking fun!  Second, I’m also going to run on a relay team, which will run almost 200 miles in the course of a day and a half.  Again – scary, yet freaking fun!  Third, I’m in the process of losing some extra, unwanted pounds.

During the first few weeks of my training I went total OCD on the weight loss part.  I wore my BodyBugg all the time.  I tracked every-single-thing I ate.  I was obsessed with the ‘numbers’ aspect of it and made a spreadsheet.  I entered in my calories burned and my calories consumed every day.  I posted on Facebook my calorie burn, every day.  And then…I got bored with it all.

I took off the BodyBugg and didn’t track my food at all last week.  I still tracked my walking/running mileage and my biking.  But I really let go of the micro-management of the weight loss part of the journey.  My official weight-in day is today, Monday.  I lost three and a half pounds last week, which is more then I have lost in one week so far!  Yay for stopping the OCD and yay for the weight loss!

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