Big Favor BFFs!

Chronic pain is totally kicking my ass again and if it doesn’t let up in the next day or two I’ll need to go back on some strong meds that pretty much turn me into a zombie, but without the eating brains part. I’m doing everything I can to avoid that, but if I can’t get my body to calm the hell down, then it is what it is.

Which brings me back to depression and coping.

The Box¹ isn’t done. It’s okay though. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with it and it’ll be worth it to take my time. Until it’s done and full of things to help me cope, I’m just brainstorming and collecting things to help out right now because I’m really going to need a bit of help.

RR1054 Bless Your Heart ChunkBesides taking baths, playing puzzle games, listening to music, reading, and chatting with friends, one of the things that makes me feel good is bringing happiness to other people. Here’s what we’re going to do. Tomorrow I’m going to post a give-away for some awesome Perfectly Posh goodies. I’m going to need your help by being awesome BFFs and entering my give-away.

You’ll get a chance at some super awesome pampering calm the fuck downproducts (for yourself or you can use them as gifts #smart) and I’ll get to make a bunch of you happy by giving you super awesome pampering products! #winning

Check in with me tomorrow…until then, let’s just hope my body calms the fuck down.



¹I can’t think of a cool name for my self-care kit/toolbox/box…what ever…so from now on it’ll be referred to as “The Box”.

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I am *so* not in the mood.

I’m in a lot of pain today, so I’ve procrastinated it hurtsgetting my daily November blog post done. Sure, I could write about depression again and how pain (especially chronic pain) is a major trigger for a lot of people, including myself. But I’m not in the mood to write about it.

We watched a surprisingly good movie last night, St Vincent, and I could write about how it was funny, cute, totally inappropriate, sad, and inspiring at the same time. But I’m not it the mood to write about it.

After yesterday’s “What you might’ve missed…” post, I have all sorts of ideas for a once a month, tutu wearing, athletic event challenge. But I can’t get all my thoughts together and I’m not in the mood to write about it.

shut downI could give you an update on my coping box. There’s not much to say about it because layers and layers of paint take a long time to dry. And I’m not in the mood to write about it.

My friend over at “AM ~ Erica Says So” blogged about her thoughts on the whole Starbucks Red Cup deal and her thoughts pretty much mimic mine so not only is it unnecessary for me to write about it, but I’m not in the mood to write about it.

There are thoughts floating around in my head about the upcoming holiday/gift giving season. On how you can save money and really “keep it local” by shopping with your direct sales friends. But I’m not in the mood to write about it.

So here I am, not writing about anything, but getting a post out¹.

<sarcastic font> YAY for NaBloPoMo? </sarcastic font>


¹Seriously, I don’t even have a footnote for you.


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What’s this all about anyway?

I’m pretty excited for this whole blog everyday for a month thing¹. I started this blog six and a half years ago, and while there were times when things were really going great and I was able to write witty, fun, or meaningful posts, there’s been a lot of “dead air” too. I’ve been doing some soul searching and I know that I need more direction here. (Even if I *think* I do just fine without a plan, we all know how things turn out when I have no plan, right?!?!?)

What is this blog/The MFP all about? If you don't know where you're going

In short, it’s about me! (And YOU, my BFFs! LOL!)

All joking aside, what do I want to accomplish here?

I want this space to be a place of acceptance, self-care, fun, laughter, creativity, and most of all self-exploration.

This upcoming month I’m devoting myself to these ideas and one of my hopes is to inspire others to join me. We might not be able to grab a glass of wine together, but maybe here we can chuckle at our own silly mistakes, support each other on a bad day, and cheer loudly when one of us is doing something amazing.

BFFs, I have big plans for us this month and I *pinky promise* most of the posts will be worth the read.


¹Yeah, yeah, yeah….Third straight day of blogging in a row and I’m still excited. It’ll be interesting to see how I feel on day 11 or 23.

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I change my mind faster than I change my hair color. #TrueStory

Yesterday I wrote about how each year NaNoWriMo comes along and each year I fail to even get my novel off the ground, right? I also mentioned that it was only November 2nd and even though I had no ideas, I could still pull off this whole write a novel in a month thing. I’m a pretty fantastic cheerleader, so I was very close to convincing myself that I could do it. But…

Today I ran across a blog post from my friend over NaBloPoMo_2015at Reclaiming Mary. It was a post about  NaBloPoMo, which is even more awkward to say than NaNoWriMo. It stands for National Blog Posting Month. I thought about it for awhile (like a whole five minutes) and it was clear to me that I’m not going to be writing a novel (let alone one in a month) at this time. Where as blogging every day for a month is really what I want to be doing.

I’ve been itching to get back to my bloggity blogging self for quite some time now and this whole National Blog Posting Month¹ is exactly what I needed to make myself do it.

Look out November! I’m going to blog the shit out of you.


¹Even though I didn’t write a blog post on November 1st, I’m going to see if I can back date one. If I can’t do that, then I’ll just write a bonus blog post one of the days. I’m not trying to win a prize or anything. I just want to get my inner princess out again. ;)

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