Really, I have my work cut out for me…

Nathan and I were gone for most of the day today. As in: We were gone for almost 12 hours. This might not be a big deal to some households where mom and dad both work, and the kids go to school – but for us? This was a pretty big deal.

First, Nathan works from home and second, I homeschool the kids. So that pretty much means that there is almost always an adult around. This is great for keeping kids out of ‘trouble’, but not so great for learning independence (as we found out today).

For example, we came home today to find the house….



It was…


Seriously. The trash hadn’t been taken out and all the dirty dishes were right on the counter where they were when we left this morning…

And I was all….what the fuck? You couldn’t have taken out the trash or did the dishes when YOU WERE HOME ALL DAY?!?!?

And then The Artists says, “Um. You didn’t tell me to do any of those things.”



Apparently, I also didn’t tell her to eat breakfast or lunch. She had a banana and a veggie straw (chips) for ‘brunch’ and that was all she ate ALL DAY.

Yeah…that is all she ate ALL DAY.

You realize that when she moves out I’m going to have to call her three to four times a day just to make sure she hasn’t passed out for lack of eating and the cockroaches aren’t eating her because they finally ate all the food off the dirty plates around the sink, RIGHT?!?!?!?

<I wrote myself a note>

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