Draw Something, or at least TRY to draw something.

My new favorite game for my iPhone is Draw Something. I found it via Brittany at The Barefoot Foodie and from Kelly at Kelly’s Unnecessary Blog. They posted about it via Facebook on the same day. OMG….so.much.fun. I thought I’d share.

One of my first drawings:

(No need to be alarmed. I'm being a good girl, taking my pills, and keeping up with my support system.)
I feel a little bad for Modern Mrs. Cleaver had to guess this one.

*As a personal “I’m sorry about that ridiculously awful picture”, I urge you to go over and ‘like’ her on Facebook. Please?

I don't think my dude looks very Scottish. Do you?
All I could think of for this one was Moose Knuckles. It's only because I swear the picture she drew before this was a vagina/pit-bull.

*As another personal thank you, can you go check out Rachel’s Blog? I didn’t tell her in advance that I would be using her ‘art’ on my blog.

I'm pretty sure this person gave the phone to her two-year old (on accident) for this one. CAMERA?!?!? I didn't use her name just in case it wasn't a "my two-year old stole the phone" thing.
One of my BFFs, Katie, had to guess this one. Poor thing. Thank goodness she's not a quitter. Our streak is currently at 42!

*Okay, help me out with apologizing to Katie? Go ‘like’ My Operation Rainbow.

I think this might be my best one yet. Do you see all the detail in the Eiffel Tower? And the people sitting at the side-walk cafe? And the red 'beanie' on the other person? Doesn't it just SCREAM "Paris"?!?!?!?

Not shown: HUMMER <crickets>

So, what’s your favorite game on your phone? Do you Draw Something?

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