Star Von Bear

Just the other day I received a copy of the autobiography of Star Von Bunny from my sister. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Star Von Bunny, she is a beautiful bunny who became a top model. I read about her adventures and stardom and immediately fell in love with her. Imagine my surprise when on my run this morning I see laying in the side of the road her cousin, Star Von Bear.

I was on my four mile run. I was tired and sore. I was stiff and hurting, mentally exhausted. There she was, laying there in the gutter on the corner County Road 9 and Vicksburg. I saw her and my heart ached, but I ran past. I had a run to do. I had things to get to. I had goals to achieve and places to be. I NEEDED this run.

Stride after stride I could not get her off my mind. Who’s bear was she? Why was she there? How did she get lost? Is someone looking for her?

I struggled to my half-way marker and I knew I would have to stop and see her on my way back.

She looked tired. She was dirty and sad, long forgotten and quite a bit mad. She was hurt, hungry, and confused. She needed a hug, a kind word, a bath, and a meal. I picked her up slowly so I wouldn’t hurt her anymore. I held her gingerly and decided to bring her home.

The trip was difficult at first. I held her little, dirty body out away from mine. I was afraid of her filth. I didn’t want the mud and the sand against me. I had my cutest running shirt on and what if she stained it? What if she dripped on my shoes? And as I ran and thought of her life and where I found her, what she had been through….I gripped her against my chest. I held her tight to tell her that I was happy to have found her. I wanted to let her know that she would be okay. I would take care of her. I would clean her up. I would hug her. I would laugh with her and let her sleep in my bed. I will love her.

To the little girl or boy who lost Star Von Bear at the corner of County Road 9 and Vicksburg: I found her. I know she’s not “mine” and I will love her for you until you need her again.


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