Soldsie Review: Why I won’t do business with them.

A lot has been happening BFFs:

  • Blogger Idol is going strong.
  • I’m running FREE Beachbody Challenge Groups¹.
  • My step-daughter moved back with her mom.
  • I’m working on my new art studio and I opened my Etsy Shop, Art Unglued.
  • I got pissed off at Soldsie because of their crappy customer service and refusal to take responsibility for their actions.

Let’s talk about that last thing for a bit. One of the tools I’m using to promote my Etsy Shop is a Facebook page. I’m sure you’re all familiar with Facebook pages, because I probably know most of you from the Facebook page for this blog: The Mother Freakin’ Princess

As I was setting up Art Unglued’s Facebook page, I remembered seeing a couple pages that I follow using Soldsie to sell items directly through Facebook. How cool is that?!?!? Pretty damn cool if you’re a business like mine. The Art Unglued Facebook page was started about 12 days ago and already has over 500 fans! What a great way to generate more sales if people don’t have to leave Facebook to make a purchase, right? I thought I’d check into Soldsie more and get Art Unglued set up with them. I logged onto their website and followed the directions to get started.

Then I got an email from Jorge at Soldsie. One of the things he said in his email was: “We’ve taken a look at your page and we’d would love to tell you more about Soldsie and learn about your business.” and there were directions to set up a telephone conference with him. I clicked the link and set up the conference call with him. Easy peasey lemon squeezey!

I couldn’t wait for my call! Everything for Art Unglued was falling into place.

[Fast forward to the next day.] Fifteen minutes before my call, I was dropping my son off at his friend’s house and hurrying home. I knew my schedule was tight and I was prepared to pull over on the side of the road to take Jorge’s call. I had my car radio off, plus a pen and notebook handy.

The clock in my car said 2:45 and I was getting a few butterflies in my stomach because I was so excited about what this could mean for Art Unglued and my family. I kept picking out safe places to pull over for when he called.

Minute by minute my anxiety cranked itself up. What if he called and I didn’t have a safe place to pull over?!?! A few minutes later I arrived home. Jorge still hadn’t called me. “That’s okay” I thought. I’m sure he just got caught up in something. It happens. No big deal. I got set up in my new studio with my pen and notebook. I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Fifteen minutes after our phone conference was supposed to begin, I got bored waiting. I decided to log onto my computer and at least multi-task while I waited.

Oh, look at that. There’s an email from Jorge. It was sent at 2:53, seven minutes AFTER our call was to start. He cancelled on me because I don’t have 1,000 Facebook fans yet.

What the hell? In his first email he said he checked out my page and thought it was a good fit. Now he tells me I don’t have enough fans?


I sent him a reply email telling him I was disappointed that I had followed all their instructions just to be stood up. I also told him that I thought he was being rude by canceling our meeting, by email, DURING the conference call time!

His reply to my email never contained an apology for standing me up on our conference call, but he did say this: “Our technology is expensive and after revising your Facebook page further, I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for you at the moment.”

WOW. All I really wanted was for Jorge to take responsibility for standing me up on our conference call. I didn’t need a lesson in ‘We’re too big and good for a tiny business like yours.’

And then I got pissed. I went to their Facebook page and publicly posted about their crappy customer service. Their response?

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 12.37.53 PM


There wasn’t any confusion, I had communication from only ONE of their employees. He made an appointment with me and stood me up. He chose to NOT call me and all I wanted is for him to take responsibility for that.

That’s it.

A couple hours later I got a call from Soldsie. I was busy and I let them leave a message. When I called back, I actually got to talk to Chris Bennett – the CEO of Soldsie.

We talked for about 12 minutes and finally he understood that there was no mix-up or accident. Jorge chose to stand me up and then sent a disrespectful email to me after I confronted him on it:

If you schedule a call with someone, make the call. Don’t cancel on them, by email, seven minutes into when the call was to happen. AND…if you choose to make a bad choice, own up to it. Don’t blame YOUR bad choice on your potential customer, or tell that potential customer how they’re not good enough for your company.

So, even when Art Unglued hits 1,000 fans, I won’t be using Soldsie’s service because if it takes 12 minutes to explain to the CEO of their company that Jorge was rude to me and he should apologize, then I don’t want to do business with them².



On Friday I got an email from Soldsie. The subject was: “Hey, we got a couple questions for ya!”

Oh my. What the heck is their problem?

I pulled up the email and…it’s an email where they are asking for feedback about my dashboard. What freakin’ dashboard are they talking about?!?!

Hmmmm…Oh my again.

I *just* remembered (thanks PTSD) I already have a Soldsie account. It’s with my email address for The MFP. (I was going to open my art shop with the name K.Marie Boutique and before I even had 100 fans on that page I decided to go a different route.)

I logged onto my Soldsie account through my MFP email and low and behold! I can add Soldie to ANY of my Facebook pages, including Art Unglued – BUT I WON’T, because I don’t need to do business with a company like that.

¹Are you interested in more info on the Beachbody Challenge Groups? Email me or message my Facebook page.

²I did give Chris, from Soldsie, a couple ideas on how to apologize. If they do end up apologizing, I’ll update this post to include it. I’m not holding my breath on this one though.

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14 Replies to “Soldsie Review: Why I won’t do business with them.”

  1. Bummer about your experience.
    We actually just had our conference call with them yesterday regarding our clothing boutique and were super impressed! But of course I’m doing a bit more research from customers that currently use them before moving forward.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Hi brook, what was the outcome? :) did you jump the gun and went ahead with it and if so, how are the progress so far?

  2. I got a huge runaround by Armando because they use softphones and the connectivity was horrible. On and off most of the day he would try to call and he kept cutting out. Finally, this morning we were able to hold conversation with just a few breaks in connection. Everything sounded great until he told me their Pro service was $299 a month and their Starter was $199 a mo. WTH? I have a website presence through BigCommerce at $34.95 a month with all the bells and whistles. While I’m not fond of their facebook integration only appearing in a shopping box on my facebook page, I can post images of my products and links that facebook friends can click on that direct them to my website where they can place an order. Soldsie can choke of their high prices! NO THANKS!

  3. I am happy to see that I am not the only one who was put off by Soldsie. I saw another company use their app and really thought that it could help my business. After spending 15 minutes on the phone with a rep he hit me with the kicker. Soldsie costs $199/month and you have to PREPAY for 6 months upfront. So $1200 just to get started. REALLY? NO thanks! I truly hope another company comes around and blows them out of the water. On top of a minimum $200/month in fees, they charge 3% on every transaction. I’ll pass.

    1. But, if you sold as much as they *think* you’ll sell, you are golden. I have a call schedule for 4pm today (they flaked on one yesterday, gave me an excuse of calling and we weren’t here, had specifically told them to call the cell) so I shall see what happens. Right now, I’m selling zero on fb. If I can sell $1000 a month and give them $199 plus 3% I’ll actually be very happy with it.

  4. I also had a problem with Soldsie, I also made an appt. and just before the time (which I also had blocked off) they cancelled, The representative had the “flu” and would call a couple of days later (gave me specific day) Well, guess what, that day NEVER came.
    I am in agreement that Soldsie is not the route to go! This happened to me last summer.

  5. I, too, had a *TERRIBLE* experience with Soldsie!! I signed up, but once I signed up and paid, my customers weren’t able to checkout using the Soldsie app, and … Soldsie customer service flat out refused to take responsibility for fixing it! I managed to get a refund after kicking up a huge stink. I get the vibe the company has expanded way beyond its ability to manage its clients responsibly/reliably.

  6. I just wanted to say thank you for posting this information for everyone. I wish I saw this before I looked into Soldsie and wasted time reading their terms and conditions where I was looking to see how much they charged per transaction and if there was a monthly fee– which I couldn’t find anywhere! — All it says is something to the gist of “applicable fees to Soldsie if any” — People want to know the facts or they feel like they are getting swindled… which apparently they are! Very unprofessional… not surprising though if you see the pics of them! A bunch of kids a little to big for their britches!

  7. You seriously took all that time to write a “review” of a company you never even tried just because some low paid phone operator didn’t call you at the appointed time? Sister, you got bigger ego problems than business issues. You must really believe you’re the world’s MFP…and not some housewife with an Etsy store. Reality check bae… it ain’t all about Y O U.

  8. I’m so glad I found this! I work for an independent boutique in Worcester, MA and we’re looking to supplement our bricks-and-mortar sales with social selling. We looked at Soldsie about 18 months ago, before the store was even open and it looked like a great fit. It seems they got too big, too fast though… The pricing structure changed and Armando refused to give straight answers to my questions (sent via email so there was a record of what was asked to avoid confusion). Needless to say your experience is the straw that breaks this idea-camel’s back…

  9. Soldsie is a joke. I have not sold one single thing in 6 months and received 2 phone calls from my “account manager” with “tips” on how to increase sales. The software never even properly integrated. I actually lost followed when I posted something for sale. I recently read reviews about the company on glassdoor and it sounds like they are going under see pasted employee review:
    “Pros: benefits were good, catered lunch, nice location 9-5
    Product delivers almost no value to customers.
    Product ] loses money for customers nearly all the time.
    Boiler room/used car salesman style sales tactics. High pressure tactics to sell worthless software at very high prices to businesses who are already financially struggling. –Extremely Predatory– facing mass layoffs.”

  10. As a customer who has purchased, then tried to purchase items from stores using Soldsie, let me tell you it isn’t worth it. I signed up through a link on instagram, had success purchasing and receiving invoices for a couple hours, then suddenly Soldsie doesn’t recognize my name, account, etc. I contacted customer service through email, and they have been unresponsive past an initial email confirming my email address. I signed up again thinking my account glitched, and of course minutes after creating the second account, they don’t recognize my log in information. Part of me is terrified that I gave information to someone who will steal my financial information or worse.

    Soldsie is more troublesome to the customer than it’s worth.

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