How’s this for a Throw Back Thursday?

I’m feeling a little bad that so far most of my blog every day for the month of November (or NaBloPoMo as BlogHer likes to call it) has been kinda gloomy. I mean, no one wants to come here every day for a month and listen to me whine….oh, my shoulder…oh, I’m fucking exhausted…oh, I can’t feel my fingers or toes…blah blah blah.

All of this thinking about how you really don’t want to listen to me whine again today gave me the idea to grab a funnier post from way back when and enjoy a little Throw Back Thursday with you! Here’s a link to the original post: OMGWTFBBQ!

BUT, if you’re like me (and you probably are because we’re BFFs) then you might be feeling a little to lazy to click the link. I copied and pasted it right here, just for you¹!

January 24, 2011 – OMGWTFBBQ!

Late Saturday night Nathan and I were sitting on the couch enjoying each others company (no…not that kind of ‘enjoyment’) and all of a sudden Bailey the Bendy Dog perks her ears. We giggle at her and watch her make her way to the foyer of our split level house.

Bailey is what we call a Labarotsky (she’s supposedly half Lab, one quarter Rottweiler, and one quarter Husky). She begins to use her rottweiler voice, making a weird half growl, half bark. Again we laugh at her and say, in a sing-song voice, things like “Oh Bailey, what’s got you all freaked out?”

Then we hear our front door open. And I think, “What the fuck is my sister doing here?!?” (Because who on earth would come into my house without knocking at 1:30 in the morning, right?)

And Bailey starts to bark much more aggressively.

Nathan and I get up to say “Hi!” (Okay, I get up to say, “Hi!” and Nathan gets up to see what the fuck is going on.)

And I’m in shock because it’s not my sister.

Nathan instantly turns into his Super Hero form, known as Natron5000. He leaps down the stairs and confronts some young man standing in our entryway holding a black backpack and a sleeping bag. Nathan screams at the young man, “What the fuck are you doing here!?!?”

The young man is scared….he mumbles, “Sorry…..I….um…they said to come over….oh…I’m in the wrong house……sorry.” The young man leaves.

I stand at the top of the stairs thinking it’s funny IMG_2672that the pizza man delivered to the wrong house….slowly I realize the young man wasn’t the pizza man because that was a black backpack he was holding, not a pizza bag *and* pizza men don’t just walk into your house without you letting them in.

Bailey The Bendy and Attack Dog has been on high alert since then.

Me? I’m locking the door from now on so the ‘pizza man’ can’t make the same mistake twice.


¹Speaking of things I do for you, remember to head over to that give-away page for your chance to win some Perfectly Posh pampering items from me:

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The MFP’s Perfectly Posh Give-Away!

Okay BFFs, here it is! Yesterday I told you how making people feel good makes me feel good? Well, here is a give-away for a few of my favorite Perfectly Posh items:

1 Packet of Mermaid Mix Bath Salts: Oh…this little pouch is like heaven. I don’t know if you’re a bath taking type¹ or not, but these are my all time favorite bath salts. I promise your skin will feel amazing after bathing with these.

1 Tin of Tree Hugger Lip Scrub: A yummy, all-natural Tree Huggerblend of sugar, rich butters, and oils rubs away tired, flaky skin to give you the softest lips you’ve ever known. A luscious scent of strawberry, coconut, and brown sugar makes this scrub a perfect treat for dry, rough lips.

1 Bless Your Heart Peachy Bath Chunk: All the southern sassiness and sweetness you can handle! A big, chunky bar with real peach and magnolia extracts, plus a comforting dose of cottonseed oil for a clean that leaves you soft as peach fuzz. Oh, darlin’, you’re gonna love this bath time treat.

Gender Bender Chunk1 Gender Bender D-Tox Bath Chunk: Charcoal D•Tox: Clean that doesn’t discriminate. The Gender Bender invites all to wash, get clean, and be Posh. Activated charcoal powder, silt, and carbon absorb over 1000 times their weight in offensive pollution and free radicals. Then natural shea butter calms, soothes, and enriches skin. Tie that all together with a clean, crisp fragrance and you get the perfect clean that anyone can enjoy.

1 Perk! Skin Stick: Looking for a mid-day pickup and headache relief? Our Perk! Skin Stick is your weapon against tension and tightness. Fend off that stress headache by applying this peppermint-loaded shea butter stick to temples, neck, forehead, and other pulse points. Feel your mood lift and your tension melt away.

Good luck and enter away! click here to enter


The Real MFP LOGO¹If you’re not the bath taking type, you should try it. Have someone watch the kids, grab a glass of wine, lock the bathroom door, and draw yourself an amazing bath. It’s worth it. YOU’RE worth it.

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Oh Taylor Swift….

I’m a lyrics girl.

Some people, like Nathan, are all about the beat and they don’t even pay attention to the lyrics¹ but that’s not me. Song writers get me with their “hooks” and “chorus'”.

Right now Taylor swift is signing her heart out in my head:

Say you’ll remember me
Standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe
Red lips and rosy cheeks

The song seems to be about a secret love thing that ends…and there’s a line that say’s “He’s so tall”.

Uh….Nathan’s not tall and we don’t have a secret thing going on, but for what ever reason²….this is my song for us right now:


¹Not only is Nathan against lyrics, but he’s also against cannibalism and spontaneity? 

²It’s not “for what ever reason”. I know life can be short and I know I’m not always easy to love and be with. I hope that no matter how hard it is, Nathan can remember me:

Racing in a tutu.

Giving it my all, babe.

Red dirt and scars on my arms…

Say we’ll do it again, even if it’s just in our…

wildest dreams.


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Big Favor BFFs!

Chronic pain is totally kicking my ass again and if it doesn’t let up in the next day or two I’ll need to go back on some strong meds that pretty much turn me into a zombie, but without the eating brains part. I’m doing everything I can to avoid that, but if I can’t get my body to calm the hell down, then it is what it is.

Which brings me back to depression and coping.

The Box¹ isn’t done. It’s okay though. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with it and it’ll be worth it to take my time. Until it’s done and full of things to help me cope, I’m just brainstorming and collecting things to help out right now because I’m really going to need a bit of help.

RR1054 Bless Your Heart ChunkBesides taking baths, playing puzzle games, listening to music, reading, and chatting with friends, one of the things that makes me feel good is bringing happiness to other people. Here’s what we’re going to do. Tomorrow I’m going to post a give-away for some awesome Perfectly Posh goodies. I’m going to need your help by being awesome BFFs and entering my give-away.

You’ll get a chance at some super awesome pampering calm the fuck downproducts (for yourself or you can use them as gifts #smart) and I’ll get to make a bunch of you happy by giving you super awesome pampering products! #winning

Check in with me tomorrow…until then, let’s just hope my body calms the fuck down.



¹I can’t think of a cool name for my self-care kit/toolbox/box…what ever…so from now on it’ll be referred to as “The Box”.

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I am *so* not in the mood.

I’m in a lot of pain today, so I’ve procrastinated it hurtsgetting my daily November blog post done. Sure, I could write about depression again and how pain (especially chronic pain) is a major trigger for a lot of people, including myself. But I’m not in the mood to write about it.

We watched a surprisingly good movie last night, St Vincent, and I could write about how it was funny, cute, totally inappropriate, sad, and inspiring at the same time. But I’m not it the mood to write about it.

After yesterday’s “What you might’ve missed…” post, I have all sorts of ideas for a once a month, tutu wearing, athletic event challenge. But I can’t get all my thoughts together and I’m not in the mood to write about it.

shut downI could give you an update on my coping box. There’s not much to say about it because layers and layers of paint take a long time to dry. And I’m not in the mood to write about it.

My friend over at “AM ~ Erica Says So” blogged about her thoughts on the whole Starbucks Red Cup deal and her thoughts pretty much mimic mine so not only is it unnecessary for me to write about it, but I’m not in the mood to write about it.

There are thoughts floating around in my head about the upcoming holiday/gift giving season. On how you can save money and really “keep it local” by shopping with your direct sales friends. But I’m not in the mood to write about it.

So here I am, not writing about anything, but getting a post out¹.

<sarcastic font> YAY for NaBloPoMo? </sarcastic font>


¹Seriously, I don’t even have a footnote for you.


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