Off Like a Prom Dress: North

I just finished up the most amazing two day running relay. A team of twelve of the coolest people (and an awesome van driver) ran a total of 195.4 miles (plus a couple extra due to a missed turn) from Winona, MN to Minneapolis, MN!

With all my feet have been through over the last year (planter fasciitis, broken metatarsal, sprained ankle, arthritic ankle, and being over-weight) I am completely giddy that I was able to run the race.

Not only was I able to run it, but I felt strong and fast – probably the strongest/fastest I’ve felt since my car accident nineteen years ago….except for that last run of mine…when my legs seized on me and I could barely take a single step. Yeah, that one didn’t feel quite so awesome…but at least I was running in style:

Here’s to you team Off Like a Prom Dress: North! You are a fantastic group of people and I’m looking forward to the After Prom Party!








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