Now you’ve done it…you’ve pissed off a princess.

I don’t know if you like or hate (or even know about) the new LEGO line: LEGO Friends

But I’m gonna let you know how I feel about it, because this is my blog and that’s what I get to do here…


Why is it that we all rally around a boy who wants to dress like Daphne, but god forbid we let girls act like princesses…or pretend to be vets, or rock stars, or play in tree houses, OR BE INVENTORS!?!?!?

Because these LEGO Friends are going to completely ruin society. Girls who have LITTLE to NO INTEREST in building things MIGHT actually WANT to BUILD something…and that right there would be the end of the fucking world…

What’s next? Girls wanting to wear tiaras¹ and tutus while they mountain bike?

~The MFP

So please, please, please stop taking away choices for girls women. Let the us wear pants, dresses, tennis shoes, or heels. Let EACH OF US DECIDE OURSELVES what we want to play with, and who we are. Don’t force us into or out of anything. Let’s stop this war on each other and start loving/respecting each person for who they are and what they want to become.

Besides, being a bully towards others is so high school…


¹Don’t wear a tiara while you ride your bike. Wear a helmet – but make it a pink one, would ya?

I like what McNally says at the end of this article, “It is up to parents and their kids to figure out what is the best for interest and their building ability.” (It’s not up to YOU to decide for ME…it’s up to me to decide for me.)

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25 Replies to “Now you’ve done it…you’ve pissed off a princess.”

  1. I think that both sides are more similar than they appear at first glance. What it’s about is giving choice and not stereotyping. If girls want to play with this line and their mothers are okay with it then that’s great. The problem is in the segregation. Why do the spa, pet shop, etc. come only in pink blocks? Why must the figurines be incompatible? Why must these sets be sold in the “girl” aisle while the other sets are sold in the “boy” aisle implying that the sets are mutually exclusive? I think that LEGO could have/should have made these sets more integrated with the existing City and Builders lines. I also think the marketing around both the “boy” and “girl” sets is horrific. Why can’t they show some boys playing with the Friends line? Why not have girls in the ads for the Heroica line? Why aren’t any of the Friends male? Why aren’t any of the figs in the Heroica line female? It’s not (exclusively) about the colors, the clothes, the settings; there is a whole lot of segregation going on where none is needed or called for. As mothers who grew up loving LEGOs and their easy, equal, cross-gender play, ideals we want for our daughters, we’re only asking not to be shoved into any boxes at all. The same as you.

    1. But this doesn’t explain all the uproar to me. If we want girls to make the choices then why are we against different choices being offered? I grew up with plain old LEGOS. I didn’t find them easy to play with. I made houses and furniture with them and then played with them like dolls. I would have LOVED the LEGO Friends. I would have LOVED having a choice.

      I would guess that the new LEGO Friends are in a different aisle so more girls can find them? I know that The Artist quit going down the LEGO aisle because she felt they had nothing to offer her.

      I would agree that there should be more ‘girl’ mini-figures available and that LEGO could do a better job at cross-gender marketing.

      When people get all worked up about this, it makes the ‘girly-girls’ feel like it’s not okay to be ‘girly’. (And I really wish there was a better word for ‘girly’.) Why can’t it be as simple as “I don’t like this toy, so I’m not going to buy it.”, instead of putting a group of girls down because they might want it?

  2. I was raised by one of the original feminist she taught all of us kids we could be anything we wanted one works for boing one works as a mechanic

    1. That’s how it should be. We can be what ever we want. Not “it’s okay to be a mechanic, but not a stay-at-home mom” (or a princess in my case).

  3. My main concern with the whole thing is compatibility with other Lego sets. I just asked BoyGenius (8) what he thought of the new Lego Friends line and he said “I don’t like them because the people don’t fit with the regular stuff.” I asked him if he thought it was necessary to make other “girl” Lego and he said “no, because there already is girl Lego. J’s sisters are girls and they have Lego. This is just going too far.” He feels that the café and the vet’s and anything else that Lego Friends have to offer could have just been part of Lego City. I have to agree. That being said, I have a couple of old Jack Stone sets laying around .. if the girls need a guy around, he’s probably the same size. And we don’t play with them BECAUSE HE DOESN’T FIT WITH THE REGULAR STUFF. :-)

    1. The sets themselves are compatible. It’s only the new minifigures that aren’t. So, you could easily buy, say, the treehouse, Olivia’s house, and the cafe and integrate them into a LEGO city. Just switch out the minidolls for minifigs, that’s all.

        1. The girls figures are different becuase after 4 years research lego found girls like toys to look realistic not yellow faced with wierd smiles! I have wrtten a post on lego friends Prir to this range 80% of lego was bought for boys – its great girls construct things and if boys like the colours stle and relaism too fair play. Severla girls I know like regular lego…but almost ALL theboys I know lioke it. Now there is more choice

          1. Before I responded I wanted to go check out your post. It’s a great post! Personally I love the fact that there are now more choices. The only thing I’m sad about is that The Artist has grown out of the age of wanting to play with them. Who knows though, maybe I can convince her to get a set or two for her birthday instead of an iPod? (Probably not.)

  4. For the record..I had to have my husband put together the Lego Friends cause it was not easier than regular legos..and my daughters love them, regular legos, legos in general.

  5. Ann, I think you have a good point. It is all about choice – letting girls choose what they want to do. Some parents are going to have a girl who will go bonkers for these sets and other parents will have girls who would’t give a flip. I agree that LEGO should have made the sets compatible, but what’s done is done.

    I think feminists back in the day had good intentions in fighting for the rights of women and girls to choose their own path in life and not be forced into a particular role by anyone else. However, they have completely lost their vision through the years. They now have swung back to becoming the very thing they started out fighting against. Many feminists cannot fathom why a woman would want to get married, have children, stay at home to raise their kids – anything that even hints at a traditional “female” gender role. I have actually had more than one woman chew me out for choosing to stay at home with my kids. I have been called an insult to my gender. I have had people tell me that I should be forced to go get a job and put my kids in daycare. What happened to me being able to choose what’s right for me? Or is that only true when I choose something the feminists agree with? People are far too preoccupied with what other people are doing and far too threatened when people make a different choice than them and the “I must immediately crush their will because of this decision” mentality sets in and it gets ugly. What happened to caring for people for who they are rather than the decisions they make? What makes someone qualified to judge what’s right for someone else? Were you privy to the circumstances that let up to the decisions that was made?

    1. I am so with you sister I am a proud feminsit and a pink wearing stay at home mum / wiriter. I am indebted to many women who fought for me to have this CHICE. They did not fight for me to HAVE to go out to work, wear jeans and dark colours they fough t formy right to choose.

    2. Friends sets *are* compatible with all other LEGO sets! That they aren’t is a myth perpetuated by certain fem2 groups.
      Have a look at several creations combining Friends with other LEGO:

      My tribute to Friends TV show with LEGO Friends:

      A LEGO fan made Stephanie’s room as her being a Star Wars fan (this creation is amazing):

      Some alternate builds using just one Friends set (City Park Cafe) and few bits from any LEGO bucket:

      What has been lost in all the hoopla created by some RadFems is that it’s key to get *more* girls to build. There already are also increasingly more female MiniFigs (which has been another claim as to why girls don’t build):

      2011 set is 50/50 ratio:

      New 2012 sets have female park ranger, firefighters, surgeons, skaters, singers, astronauts, etc., etc.

      In the end, it really doesn’t matter what the LEGO Group creates in scenes as box art, it’s about the LEGO fan using the products to create — that’s the beauty of building — anything an imagination can conjure :-)

  6. “What makes someone qualified to judge what’s right for someone else?” Exactly. We all need to decide what’s right for ourselves.

  7. I’m going to start wearing a tiara….my princess will wear her tutu…we’ll be a match. And then we’re gonna go climb a tree. Ok, she’ll climb a tree and I’ll encourage her from the ground, but I’ll think about it!

    My princess routinely answers the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” question with:

    a doctor, mommy, and race car driver.

    I don’t think they’re in any particular order but she is definitely diversified.

    Thanks for a great post!

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