It’s not all about winning and confetti.

As you probably know, I’m a contestant on Blogger Idol. I don’t always do well with competitions. I have an insane desire to win (and take over the world). Plus, I’m highly sensitive. If I get eliminated I’ll probably throw myself, head first, into The Deep Dark Hole. Yeah…it might not have been a great idea for me to enter this contest. Obviously I didn’t listen to ANY of the internal warning signs as I hit ‘send’ on my Blogger Idol entry.

Being the sensitive person that I am, I can fully imagine the horror that Danielle, at Martinis and Minivans, is going through right now. She’s a competitor on Blogger Idol. Her blog was hacked this week, just before the voting began.

“So what?” you might think. Her post is on Blogger Idol and *that’s* where people vote. Yeah, that’s great. Except the links in her submission to Blogger Idol won’t work. AND HOW CAN PEOPLE READ HER *ACTUAL* BLOG IF IT’S DOWN?


Please go ‘like’ her page and cheer her on¹. Martinis and Minivans

The world needs more cheerleaders and less assholes.

God only knows if this had happened to me there wouldn’t be enough Xanax in the world to keep me out of That Fucking Hole.


¹Cheer her on, but you know…vote for me?

We find out who’s eliminated at noon today. Keep your fingers crossed!

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4 Replies to “It’s not all about winning and confetti.”

  1. My Blogger Sister,
    Thank you for this. You are a true class act. I hope you and I take it to the end. You rock girl. And BTW – the site is clean and back up and running. Thank you for your awesomeness! Now, let’s go knock those other bloggers out of the competition!

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