I am *so* not in the mood.

I’m in a lot of pain today, so I’ve procrastinated it hurtsgetting my daily November blog post done. Sure, I could write about depression again and how pain (especially chronic pain) is a major trigger for a lot of people, including myself. But I’m not in the mood to write about it.

We watched a surprisingly good movie last night, St Vincent, and I could write about how it was funny, cute, totally inappropriate, sad, and inspiring at the same time. But I’m not it the mood to write about it.

After yesterday’s “What you might’ve missed…” post, I have all sorts of ideas for a once a month, tutu wearing, athletic event challenge. But I can’t get all my thoughts together and I’m not in the mood to write about it.

shut downI could give you an update on my coping box. There’s not much to say about it because layers and layers of paint take a long time to dry. And I’m not in the mood to write about it.

My friend over at “AM ~ Erica Says So” blogged about her thoughts on the whole Starbucks Red Cup deal and her thoughts pretty much mimic mine so not only is it unnecessary for me to write about it, but I’m not in the mood to write about it.

There are thoughts floating around in my head about the upcoming holiday/gift giving season. On how you can save money and really “keep it local” by shopping with your direct sales friends. But I’m not in the mood to write about it.

So here I am, not writing about anything, but getting a post out¹.

<sarcastic font> YAY for NaBloPoMo? </sarcastic font>


¹Seriously, I don’t even have a footnote for you.


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6 Replies to “I am *so* not in the mood.”

  1. I’d comment, but I’m not in the mood to comment.
    But seriously, I’m so with you. I’ve been wanting to post a blog post for so long but have not been in the mood either and ‘pain’ ugh! So many ideas also, and even had sort of an idea of what you just did ;) great minds. Love you!!

  2. This to shall pass… but you are always amazing in my eye’s! I heart you..

    P.S. Then next blog will be kick a$$! Like totally kimberlytastic. . #dontcallherKim #mfpsuperfan

  3. I love you. And I’ve had those, “here – I’m writing about nothing,” kinds of posts. Keep going, my friend. It’s OK to tell us you’re in no mood. Keeps it real. So thank you for sharing that you are not in the mood.

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