How I Dye My Hair Pink: Don’t follow these directions

*WARNING¹…I’m about to tell you how I get my hair from dark brown (with a little grey, who am I kidding) to pink. And how I’m able to get the pink color to last. You should NOT do any of the things I tell you. In fact, you probably shouldn’t even read this. Oh, and I take no responsibility for your physical, mental, and spiritual health. You been warned.*

PINK! Believe it or not, I used to pretty much hate the color pink, but then I grew-up and now??!?!? I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE COLOR PINK!

This is a tutorial on what I do to get my hair pink. (Remember, you should NOT do any of these things.)

Everything I use to get my hair pink, you can find at your local Sally Beauty Supply.

Step 1: I bleach out my natural color. You should read and follow the directions on the bleach of your choice. Personally, I use Kaleidocolors tonal powder lightener. Usually I use the blue container, but I have used the purple one I linked you to. I mix my powder with a 30 Volume white creme developer, and I leave the bleach in my hair for about 30 minutes. Then I rise my hair out and dry it. You should not do this. You should follow the directions for the bleach of your choice.

Step 2: I then mix the L’Oreal Magenta color with a 10 Volume developer (next time, I think I’m going to use a 20 Volume developer). The first time I colored my hair pink, I left it in my hair for 30 minutes. Now that I’ve been a pink-head for a bit, I start with the new growth and leave it in for about 20 minutes. Then I add the magenta to the rest of my hair and leave it on for another 10 minutes, then rinse well and dry. I know the directions say to use the magenta with a 30 Volume developer, but I totally fried my hair doing that, so I do it this way. You? You probably shouldn’t have even read this far.

Step 3: Cover all of your hair in Manic Panic’s Hot Hot Pink (or sometimes I do a mix of Cotton Candy Pink and Hot Hot Pink – The Cotton Candy Pink doesn’t last long at all, but sometimes I’m in the mood for a little bit lighter of a color, so I mix the two together.) I’ve only tried the regular Manic Panic, but I would like to try the Amplified formula soon. I leave the Manic Panic in Not really, but as long as I can. I think the directions say to leave on for 30 minutes, but I don’t follow those. Weird. Rinse out the Manic Panic and condition your hair.

BOOM! You’re a pink-head!

Now, how do I *keep* my hair pink? That’s a really good question. First, if you are a pink-head you need to get used to your hair being a slightly different color each day:

The Mother Freakin’ Princess

See? It’s a little different each day. BUT, here’s what I do to help it stay bright and last a long time. Once or twice a week, before I shower, I quickly throw on a pair of gloves and run Manic Panic in my hair. Then I go to the bathroom (too much information?) and take my time showering – The very last thing I do is rinse out my hair. Wa-La! Refreshed color!

I also use Bumble and Bumble’s Color Minded products (Shampoo, Conditioner, and Styling Balm). But wait…there’s more. I actually take the Color Minded shampoo & conditioner and ADD some Manic Panic to them. DO NOT DO THIS….seriously, there could be some kind of chemical reaction happening in my bathroom right now.

Another great tool for covering up fading color? Curlformers. Curlformers help blend in the fading colors and make it look like highlights! As though I purposely made some strands lighter then others! How freakin’ cool!

And there you have it!


¹Lately it seems as though a lot of my blogs start with warnings…hmmmm….

P.S. This weekend I re-pinked my hair and I skipped the whole “L’Oreal Magenta” thing. I’ll update in a few days and let you know how it all turns out.

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10 Replies to “How I Dye My Hair Pink: Don’t follow these directions”

    1. This last time I did my hair I used purple, hot pink, and cotton candy pink. I was hoping for an iridescent type look. :D

  1. I am WAY impressed that you do it yourself! Like you, I used to HATE the color pink. When I was a senior in high school I insisted on a red sequin halter prom dress and they ordered hot pink and I cried. Now I’d love it!!

  2. stick to 10 volume…you only want to deposit magenta, right? it won’t be damaging like 20 would be on your already delicate strands. :)

  3. Wash and rinse your hair with cooler water – not really cold, but, not really warm either and certainly not hot. It keeps the color longer ~ told to me by my hair girlie that went to paul mitchell.

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