Hellz Yeah I’m The Mother Freakin’ Unicorn?

A couple weeks ago I blogged about the book Sparkle¹ and I mentioned that I got a job at a coffee shop² and how I pretty much love the job. I work with super great people and I’ve even figured out how to get our manager to let us wear tutus instead of ugly aprons…srsly…how freakin’ cool is that?!?!?

But just like any job, there are a few things that aren’t so cool. One of the those things is that we have to sell our brand’s specialty coffee. It’s a tough job. Most people who come to our store don’t buy coffee to brew at home. So our store has partnered up with the local hospital and Beyond the Yellow Ribbon in Chaska in an effort to let our customers donate coffee instead of buying it for themselves.

Our customers have done a fantastic job supporting the unicorn kimberlycancer center and our veterans with their coffee donations, but we’re all getting a little worn down with all the specialty coffees we need to unload. Last week I had a mini-brilliant idea and asked my manager how much coffee I needed to sell in order to wear a unicorn costume to work. She said ten pounds and I was all…HOLY CRAP! I GET TO BE A UNICORN AT WORK! I KNOW I CAN SELL 10 FREAKIN’ POUNDS!

And of course I sold over ten pounds.

And of course I get to be a unicorn at work next week.

I get to be a freakin’ unicorn…at work.



¹Um. I still haven’t finished that book. She kinda lost my in chapter three, but I *pinky promise* I’m going to pick the book up and finish it today. Really. I’m going to do it!

²It’s in our company policy that I should say something like “The views expressed in this post (and all past or future posts) do not reflect the company I work for. They are my own personal opinions. Blah blah blah…”

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