Happy Mother’s Day, or not, but don’t be a bitch about it.

I drew this myself, because there weren't pictures of moms with pitchforks on the internet, AND I'm a pretty damn good artist.
I drew this myself, because there weren’t pictures of moms with pitchforks on the internet, AND I’m a pretty damn good artist.

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me, whenever a holiday comes around there are plenty of bloggers out there who pick up their torches and pitchforks to go after the current “Hallmark Holiday”. Quite frankly, I’m kinda tired of it all.

Sure, Hallmark was founded in 1910 and Mother’s Day became an official U.S. Holiday in 1914. But if you do any research, you’ll find that celebrating mothers was happening way before people found out that the world is round and stumbled their way to America. This means Hallmark didn’t invent Mother’s Day, so stop giving credit where credit isn’t due.

Celebrating mothers is okay and if your family’s way of celebrating Mother’s Day is buying gifts or getting a sappy/funny card as a token of their love, maybe don’t be a bitch about it.


Some people’s way of showing affection and love IS through giving/receiving gifts.

What if your husband and/or child is a gift giver? What if that’s how they show you they love you and they WANT to give you a gift for Mother’s Day? What if getting you something nice feels good, to them?

What am I supposed to do when my 12 year old hands me $5 of his own money in a homemade card and says, “Happy Mother’s Day.” Am I supposed to belittle him and tell him that giving people all your money isn’t how you show love? Do I tell him that he can’t give me his money? Do I go on and on about how the gift he chose to give me isn’t good or appropriate and that I don’t want his gift?

Happy Mothers DayHow about when my husband sneaks away from work (He works at home, it’s a little hard for him to sneak out.) to get me a “Hallmark” card from the grocery store and a beautiful pink rose from the local florist? What should I do? Should I stomp around the house with my pitchfork and scream about the insanities of my family showing me extra love and appreciation on one fucking afternoon? Should I throw the flower and the card in the trash because “HOW DARE HE BUY INTO ANOTHER HALLMARK HOLIDAY AND SPEND A LITTLE EXTRA ENERGY AND MONEY ON ME, ON THE SECOND SUNDAY IN MAY!”?

Or when my step-daughter makes me a bracelet that has the word “MOM” on it? Shall I remind her that I’m not her “real” mother and in this house we do NOT celebrate anything extra or special. Every fucking day should be special and her tiny effort on this one day doesn’t make up for all the bullshit I go through trying to raise her?

Let’s not forget those children I have lost. Should I not weep a few tears of sadness for the daughter who never even got a chance to wish me a “Happy Mother’s Day”? Should my heart not break for my grown son, whom I can no longer hold in my arms because our paths have gone separate ways?

Mother’s Day is what you make of it and if you let yourself get wrapped up in a bunch of media bullshit than too bad for you. Maybe stop watching commercials like the rest of us who own DVRs?

And if you spend your weekend being nasty to your family because it’s Mother’s Day, instead of enjoying yourself, that’s your own deal. Just maybe…don’t be such a bitch about it.

Happy Mother’s Day,


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4 Replies to “Happy Mother’s Day, or not, but don’t be a bitch about it.”

  1. The Five Love Languages is awesome and is pretty much right on the money!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, darlin’…may it be filled with lots of love!


  2. Couldnt have said it better!!!! Awesome job! Its a day to honor moms everywhere and I cant believe people are being so negative about it! I celebrate mothers day in honor of my living son and my son who didnt make it. I enjoy all my sons gifts and drawings they are so precious :-) glad you wrote this blog and happy mothers day! Enjoy all your family time this weekend :-)

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