Depression. Tips for you. Tips for me.

depression pict
I swiped this from Hilary’s blog, now go read her post so I don’t feel bad about stealing her graphic, okay?!?!

A Facebook friend of mine wrote this post about how to help a friend who is going through depression:

A few thoughts on how to help a friend with depression.

It’s a great read, and I especially like the tips about just sending a quick text or note to let them know that you’re thinking of them.

After reading Hilary’s post, I knew I wanted to write something about mental health today. I just wasn’t sure of the direction I wanted to take.

Then I remembered something I ran across a few weeks ago about making a self-care toolbox. I can’t find the actual webpage I found the idea, but the basic premise is that you get yourself a box (fancy, plain, or an actual toolbox) and you put things in it that help you cope.

Ideally, there are a variety of things in your care-kit like:

  • Quotes
  • Notebook
  • Pretty Pens
  • Something soft, silky, or squishy
  • Pressed Flowers
  • Photos
  • Non-perishable treats
  • Coloring, Word Cross, or Sudoku Books
  • Funny DVD

Pretty much anything that will fit in the box and make you feel better. I happen to have a box laying around that I started to decorate for a different project that I never finished. In fact, I had changed my mind about making the original project and the box has been just laying around taking up space. And I feel kinda crappy about all the time and energy I had put into getting that box ready for the original project, so I decided I’m going to use that box as my care kit.

(I should paint that dresser too…)

Take that, you damn unfinished project that’s been sitting under my dresser, mocking me! I’ve found the perfect use for you. I will no longer feel bad about prepping your surfaces with gesso and then abandoning you under my dresser. You’re going to help make me feel GOOD¹!

Deep breathing…calm back down. No need to smite the unfinished project that will become my self-care kit, right?



¹Even though I’ve found a new use for that box, I still have to get out my paints and papers to decorate it, which is kinda where I stalled out last time…wish me luck?




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