Definitely NOT Liquid Gold

I’m still fighting The Deep Dark Hole and I didn’t feel like cooking at all last week. We ended up having take-out or pizza all week, except for Wednesday when I made my family the Velveeta Skillet Dinner. By Saturday I think my family (and our budget) was exhausted. Nathan and I decided we’d make ‘homemade’ Mac ‘n Cheese. I know…what the fuck is it with me and Mac ‘n Cheese?!?!?

I asked my Facebook peeps for their best Mac ‘n Cheese recipe and we went from there:

5 types of cheese: White Cheddar, Swiss, Parmesan/Romano/Asiago, Merlot, and GOAT! (I guess it's more like 7 types of cheese, but the Parmesan came as a blend so I only counted it as one, so there.)

Homemade pasta:

Those are sexy hands rolling out that pasta...

We don’t have the fancy gadget that makes elbow noodles so we improvised and made bow ties:

Cute little bow tie pasta!

And as if 5 (or 7) cheeses, butter, and cream weren’t enough we decided to serve it with pork belly (a.k.a: side pork).

Mac 'n Cheese with Pork Belly!

We over cooked the pork belly a little, but the Mac ‘n Cheese was super fantastic¹…yum!

I was so inspired by cooking dinner on Saturday night that last night:

We were back to take out…

¹Yeah, The Brainiac refused to try even one bite.

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