Close enough is good enough for me.

Well, I made 16 out of the 30 posts for that whole Blog Once a Day for a Month thing. I felt bad about not making my goal for about 48 seconds. Then I thought about how I had spent my time the last few days: working, hanging out with friends, reading, watching movies with the family, taking bubble baths, cooking a turkey pot pie, and keeping up with the house. After all that, I’m feeling alright about not making the NaBloPoMo goal. Plus, I’m a little tired of writing something just to write something. That kind of writing bores the crap out of me. LOL!

So, let’s get back to focusing on why I’m here again, and it’s NOT to write crappy posts so I can complete some sort of challenge. It’s for this:

Cloud 2

I certainly don’t regret my attempt at NaBloPoMo and I’m not saying I won’t try it again next year, but if I do decide to give it another shot, I think it’d be in everyone’s best interest if I took a bit of time BEFORE November and made an actual plan¹.

For those of you bloggers who are still in the game, congrats! (And keep on blogging!)


¹Plan? Who even does that?!?!?

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