What you DID miss because I was really busy in ‘the real world’ and didn’t have time to blog last week:

First of all, I HATE the term “in real life,” because that would mean that all of you, that I don’t know face to face, are some sort of figment of my imagination and that would be crazy¹

There was some family drama with The Social Guy moving out. It’s been sad – heart wrenching – oh, so difficult. But, it’s not the place to talk about here.

We celebrated The Brianiac’s birthday. We had lunch in The Big City (Minneapolis) with My Sissy and her office side-kick. My Sissy taught The Brainiac how to order items that are not on the menu. He enjoyed a plate of wings for his birthday lunch:

I wish I had a better picture of his face....BBQ from ear to ear - LOL

After lunch we got a tour of the ‘guts’ of the skyscraper My Sissy works in. IT WAS SUPER COOL!

The Brainiac picked braised pork belly/venison lettuce wraps, and homemade pasta (tossed in olive oil and seasonings) for his birthday dinner:


We finished his birthday with creme brulee, because our family isn’t made of a bunch of cake eaters ;)

Yes, it was a little difficult to get all his candles on the creme brulee!

The Artist had her lunch just a nudge away from going down the gutter. I guess that’s why  you don’t put things on top of the car when your hands are full? This also reminded me of my post about Star Von Bear that I was going to re-post for you on Retro Friday – but I failed to do so…make it easy on me and my Benadryl stupor. Click the link “Star Von Bear” above, it’ll take you right to it.

I would place a bet that something like this will happen at least once or twice more in her life ;)

We had a Family Birthday Party where we celebrated The Brainiac’s birthday and My Sissy’s birthday. She shared brilliant words with us like “If you don’t ask for what you want then you’re most likely not going to get it.²” And then I proceeded to forget to make her prosciutto wrapped, goat cheese, with asparagus. The ONE thing she wanted for dinner. We all learned a lesson that sometimes you can ask for what you want and still not get it – but not because people don’t want you to have what you want – sometimes people have ADD or just forget – oops! We also spent most of the night talking with our hands making <quote marks>. I’m really not sure why that was so funny, but it was <quote mark> at the time <quote mark> <quote mark>  very funny<quote mark>.

We wrapped up the week NOT watching the Super Bowl and cooking My Sissy’s dish without her. (I also spent a bit of time on Facebook when I shouldn’t have. Don’t tell anyone, okay?)

Whew! What have you been up to?


¹Also this week? I broke out in hives, most likely from the Prozac, so it’s possible that I *am* allergic to sanity…just sayin’

²She actually talked about this during The Brainiac’s Birthday lunch (hence the whole “order something off the menu”), but we talked about it again at dinner when I failed to give her the ONE dish she actually asked for. Again, <quote mark> sorry <quote mark> about that.


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What you might have missed because you were busy breaking New Year’s Resolutions and watching football instead of paying attention to me 1/15

It was a seriously crazy week:

I announced the winner of the Curlformer give-away. I burned an old dresser and spent HOURS making a kick ass video (in which I Nickelbacked you) of me destroying the damn thing with a sledge-hammer. I suffered such bad insomnia that not even Angry Birds could put me to sleep. I also had a mental break down and shared a fraction of what it’s like for me in The Deep Dark Hole, where I found out that I am far from alone in my battle with depression.

I read an inspiring and very honest blog post by A Motivated Mama regarding weight issues. Brittany Gibbon’s husband, Andy, made me cry.

My Sissy and I went out for lunch and got our toes done to distract me while my meds kicked in and I threw a Rock Band Party that didn’t get canceled due to The Deep Dark Hole…I call that winning.

The Artist asked me the other day how I felt about people who don’t like me…my friend sent me this on Facebook – it explains it all:


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Things you might have missed because you were too busy baking cookies instead of paying attention to me 12/13

This week I posted pictures of the cutest Christmas tree ever and found out that even though My Sissy and I aren’t exactly twins, we sure are alike even when we’re different.¹

I Tweeted about sushi, being sick, making homemade pasta, and learning how to use Twitter with my iPhone. Cool stuff, huh?

The MFP Facebook page was busy:

I’m assuming most of you have fallen for their scam and you’re too embarrassed to comment or I posted it the ONE time when no one was on Facebook. Don’t worry, I’m sharing it here too:

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¹Also, Nathan got to notify me of a correction I needed to make in my Christmas tree post. In a few spots I had confused my feet/inches symbols. Which is really cool for him because he’s an engineer, not part of the Grammar Mafia, and he makes grammar/spelling mistakes daily. (Pssstttt…..so do I.)

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What you might have missed because you were too busy stuffing your faces with turkey and grabbing deals on Black Friday 11/28

It was a slow week here at the palace. On Monday I talked about my love affair with sushi. I spent Wednesday being passive-aggressive (or maybe just aggressive) about Thanksgiving. I whined on Facebook about my sick kid and my cranky teenager, and I shared a ‘blast from the past’ blog entry about Black Friday.

Thanks to my friend Noelle, I’ve decided to leave you with this:


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