What you might’ve missed because you were too busy deer hunting or praying for Paris…

I wish I had something to say that would give us all comfort after what’s happened in Paris, but all I have to say is: Look out for each other.

Looking out for each other can mean a lot of things though. It can mean supporting your friends’ direct sales businesses instead of the Big Box Stores for this upcoming holiday shopping season. It can mean something simple like sharing a funny memory with a friend. Dedicating a song to someone or just listening to someone when they’re hurting.

Anything, small or big, that you can do to look out for each other will help.

I’m thinking of you, of this amazing world we live in, and how we can do better…



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What you might’ve missed because you were busy writing your best selling novel in a month…

First of all, I declared to all of you that I was going to join those of you who are taking on the NaNoWriMo challenge, but then I quickly changed my mind and decided to do this NaBloPoMo thing instead.

Then I had a quick brainstorming session about how this month was going to go and refocused on what The MFP blog/persona means to me.

A Facebook friend of mine wrote a post about how to help someone with depression and I wrote a post about how to help yourself when you’re feeling down and out. 

Except your bedspread. Glitter does NOT make your bedspread better.

I accidentally glitter-bombed my bedroom while trying to make my self-care kit and ended up with an (still) unfinished box with a box of wine in it. Personally, I call that winning.

Yesterday was A-MAZ-ING! I went on my first “on foot” event since my ankle tried to ruin my life a few years ago. I’m seriously considering a “race a month” challenge for 2016¹.

All in all, I’d say my first week of blogging everyday for a month went pretty good. Now…what have you been up to?


¹You know what would be really cool?!?!? If some of you BFFs joined me in my goal for a race each month for 2016. Walker AND runners would be welcome! (And I think tutus would NOT be optional.)

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What you might have missed because you were watching the Super Bowl and blowing your New Year’s Resolutions:

My computer hasn’t been working very well, so there hasn’t been much for posting, BUT I’ve had some fantastic Co-Hosts and a great post on Blogger Fashion Friday!

Check out posts from author Michelle Lebow, author E.L. Farris, BFF Malisa McCloud, and Kelly from DeBie Hive!

AND I’ve started the Fan of the Week back up again! Malisa McCloud happened to be my BFF this week and she’ll be getting a little surprise in the mail! Would YOU like a little something from The MFP? Make sure you like, share, comment on my Facebook page for your chance!

I’ve got all sorts of things coming up this week that I’m sure you just can’t wait for! I’ve got openings for Co-Hosts, and Fashion Blogger Friday – so if you’ve got something to say, send me an email: princess@themfp.com

~The MFP

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What you might have missed because you were busy mocking Angelina Jolie’s appearance at The Oscars…

Oh, The Oscars…I didn’t watch. I’ve never been ‘into’ The Oscars, The Grammys, The Emmys, The Golden Globes, The People’s Choice Awards, or any other sort of Hollywood type shin-dig. Maybe I would be more interested if I was famous? Maybe¹…

So, what have you missed?

If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen that The Artist’s mother was giving up their ten year old American Eskimo….aaannddd we currently have a sweet, white, fluggy dog making life a little more interesting. The dog’s name is Kiara, and even though she probably wouldn’t take to a new name, I kinda wanted to re-name her Pookie. Wait. Pookie is the name of a certain sensitive baking dish I know. I guess she’ll stay named Kiara after all. (I seriously have no idea what is happening to the font here, but I’ve re-typed this damn paragraph a hundred freaking times and it keeps going back to this little print….fuck. Let’s just move on, shall we?)

I also posted this picture:

This is a very serious question...

Yo Mama, Running from Hell with El, Joy of Mom, Optimistic Ink, Just Me Quotes, and MyNewFavoriteDay all helped me figure that one out. You should ‘like’ their pages as a thank you from me. I don’t know how that would work, you ‘liking’ them, as a thank you from me, but whatever…go with it.

I also tried using this cute little crown at the end of my posts, but I got tired of “copy/paste”: ♕

Wait there’s more…I posted a picture of The Artist and everyone (who doesn’t know me in person) thought she looked just like me…Nature vs. Nurture? *hint* She’s not biologically mine ;)

I pinned a bunch of stuff on Pinterest: Dresses, cheesecake lollipops, cool hair, etc.

And then there’s Twitter….omg…I really am not a fan of Twitter. It’s like Facebook on crack. My twitter feed is always blowing up and, compared to others, I hardly follow anyone. BUT, I did post a couple things that were different then what I posted on Facebook, and I re-tweeted some stuff, and I made a snarky comment about The Oscars that I thought for sure would have gone viral, but it didn’t.² Also, where the hell is the ‘like’ button so I can let people know that I read their stuff, but I just don’t have anything to say about it?!?!?

It’s Monday and I can already tell it’s going to be one heck of a week….

¹Maybe I’ll start getting ‘into’ it all and pretend that I am famous…FREAKIN’ BRILLIANT!

²Actually I knew it wouldn’t go viral, but it was fun to make you think about joining Twitter just to see that tweet.

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What you might have missed because you were too busy trying to get the image of Nicki’s Grammy performance out of your head:

I’m still ‘dealing with’ depression *and* I found out that I’m allergic to Prozac, which is super freakin’ awful because the Prozac was actually helping me feel better – unless you’re talking about the hives…those didn’t feel so good.

I also made you a Valentine…I turned it into a competition between Nathan and I. I worked on mine for about an hour or so, PLUS everything on it had meaning. His? He just cut his steak into a heart shape and then ate it himself. He didn’t even share it with you!!!

We celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on Friday¹. As the kids were getting ready to go over to My Sissy’s for the night, The Artist’s mom called to let The Artist know that her mom was getting rid of The Artist’s dog. Um…wow. Let’s not think about the fact that her mom was going to see The Artist in person the next day and she maybe would have wanted to tell her daughter the news in person…wtf?² Also, guess who might have a 10 year old, abused, American Eskimo come stay with them?

I posted some really awesome food porn yesterday and I’m almost caught up with my Google Reader (now if I could only clear out my inbox):

You should check out My Husband Ate All My Ice Cream‘s post about Real Women, Real Bodies. I’m thinking of sending her a photo of myself, but I’ll probably chicken out.

I like what Kelly from HILWD said, “I’m going to have to remember I can let go without giving in.” We might be on opposite ends of the feminine spectrum sometimes, but she no longer rolls her eyes at me so there is that ;)

Speaking of Kellys, DeBie Hive got me all choked up with her post on not taking herself quite so seriously. 

And I’d like to have a sleep-over with Carrie from A Sassy Redhead. It would probably go a lot like the sleep-over she had with her nieces except we’d drink wine instead of soy milk.

Who have you read this week that you’ve enjoyed?

And I’ll leave you with this:

¹You forgot to send cards and gifts. That’s okay. I forgive you.

²You could read all about this and my tirade on not wanting to fold laundry on Facebook. Oh, and if you want to be one of the millions of people who’ve re-pinned my heart tattoo idea on Pinterest click here. Twitter? I hate Twitter – It’s like Facebook on crack, but if you’re on it and want to see me occasionally post something stupid with 140 words or less follow me here.

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