Burn it to the ground. *updated….this one might include video.

When The Social Guy moved out he left his dresser. No big deal, but we don’t need an extra dresser. I called the garbage company to come and get it, but they wanted $50 to pick it up. I brought it to the Good Will, but they wouldn’t take it because The Social Guy slathered it with stickers. My brother in-law had an idea…burn it.

Yesterday was just under 50 degrees and I thought it would be a fine day to sit by the fire. I told Nathan of my plans…

Me: I’m gonna burn Matt’s old dresser this afternoon.

Nathan: You know you’ll need to tend the fire, right?¹

Me: Um, yeah.

Nathan: Okay?

Me: Um, do you have a big ax or a hatchet or something?

Nathan: How about if I give you The BFH? (Big Fucking Hammer)

Me: YES! <jumping for joy>

Nathan: You’ll need safety goggles too.

Me: <sigh> Safety goggles aren’t sexy.

I dragged the dresser and all my equipment to the back yard and had at ‘er Mad Hatter:


¹For the record, I was bored after 36 minutes….

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