Blogger Idol Week 6 – Play at home :( #PayItForward

I’m playing at home this week with Blogger Idol. I’m terribly sad about it, but my husband and kids are pretty happy to ‘have me back’. But, DAMN…I feel like the “Daughtry of American Idol” – sent home too soon, but ready to rise to the top.

Let’s see, share four bloggers that I love? EASY! Wait…only FOUR!?!?!?

In no particular order:

Kelly over at DeBie HiveShe’s totally awesome and I feel like she might be a long lost sister. I mean, if she’s brave enough to enter Taco Bell in her Wonder Woman costume then we’re truly best friends forever! Plus, she mentioned something about friends touching each other inappropriately and it reminded me of a Fourth of July party we hosted a couple years ago…there wasn’t any touching…just us girls hanging out in my bathroom, in an empty jacuzzi, with a giant exercise ball, and oh yeah…tops were off¹.

The other cool thing about Kelly is that she’s not a runner, but sometimes pretends to be one. I‘d like to be a runner too, but lately all I’ve done is end up on crutches. (I might have to teach her to mentally kick people’s asses when she’s out running, instead of imagining those horror movie scenes.)

Don’t forget to keep up with Kelly on DeBie Hive’s Facebook page.


I kind of have a thing for redheads, especially A Sassy Redhead! Carrie’s not only a redhead, but she’s a Beyonce-shiv-carrying-badass!

<note to self: get myself a Beyonce-shiv, it could come in handy when I’m running and I want to kick someone’s ass.>

Carrie has this weird thing for pink flamingos and she even inspired me to get a set of flamingos myself.

She can even save her own self in one ‘fell swoop’ from a mid-night attacking scorpion. Yeah, she’s super bad-ass!

You can get even more sassiness from Carrie on Facebook!


Lisha over at Lucky Mom is one of my all time faves! She’s a globe trotting super star, who’s hoping there’s wine in hell.

Lisha’s the kind of person you want as a best friend. She’d probably get together with you for a glass of wine and not sit and bitch about how shitty life is, but remind you how sometimes things are ‘good enough’ just as they are.

And you better not judge Lisha because her husband has a mistress, she know’s exactly what she’d doing. Bring her a glass of wine on Facebook and tell her The MFP sent ya!


Kelly from Kelly’s Unnecessary Blog loves beer. Nathan, my husband, loves beer. I love my husband. So I should love Kelly too, right? RIGHT!

Kelly also loves rabbits, almost as much as I love tiaras. Wait. She might like rabbits a bit more then I like tiaras. She actually has a rabbit tattoo! (I don’t currently have a tiara tattoo.)

While I spend day after day taking self-portraits with my iPhone (really – I do…did you see my new logo?) Kelly’s actually a fantastic artist. What’s her medium you ask? PHOTOGRAPHY. I know, there are a lot of photographers out there…blah blah blah…I have always LOVED Kelly’s view from the viewfinder².

 ~The MFP


¹On second thought, there may have been a tiny bit of inappropriate touching or maybe I just thought I was Katy Perry and kissed a girl. Oh, and our shirts weren’t really off either.

²What? Did I use the word “love” too much for you in that post? Well, I don’t really care. I’m not on Blogger Idol anymore so I can pretty much write what ever I want again, run-on sentences, over used ‘love’ words, and pictures in the middle of my blog :P


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8 Replies to “Blogger Idol Week 6 – Play at home :( #PayItForward”

  1. Would you like to know the name of the only AI contestant I have purchased music from? I’ll give you three guesses.

    Thanks for the kind words. From you they mean a great deal. :-)

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