Blogger Fashion Friday: With Kelly @DeBieHive

This week on Blogger Fashion Friday is Kelly from DeBie Hive. Kelly is a writer, mom, and super hero…not always in that order. Kelly’s been featured many times on BlogHer, and you can find her guest blogging all over internet: recently over at The Mommy Ref talking about Gender Bending. Kelly’s got a fashion trend I’m sure you’ll be wanting your man to be wearing when he takes you out on a Friday night…swooooon.

~The MFP


Every season, there is some new bizarre fashion trend. It seems like as time marches on, though, the trends get crazier and crazier. Maybe it’s because there are only so many alterations one can make to clothing, shoes or hair. Maybe it’s because most of the subtle trends aren’t even trends anymore, but have worked themselves into the fashion culture of our country. Maybe it’s because we, as a society, require more and more oddity, more shock value, more strange.

Regardless of what the reason is, I will never understand why saggy crotch pants keep coming back.

McHammer Pants

Back when Hammer brought the harem style pant to the forefront, it seemed to make sense.

The guy danced constantly, and needed a pant that allowed him to move freely. I get it.

I don’t know that all that blousing was necessary, but he seemed to make it work at the time. Also, it is HARD to pull off gold satiny fabric as a man, but I think we can all agree that he nailed it.

It was cool when it was just him. When everyday people starting believing that they needed to also enlarge the crotch region of their unnecessarily baggy pants, though, it got weird.

crotchy people

no. just no.

I thought we had put that behind us, America.

Not so lucky.

A few years ago, women’s fashion magazines started to run images of the harem pants again. Fortunately, it didn’t catch on like they were hoping (or fearing, depending on who you ask).

Again, I thought we were good.

It’s not the women wearing them this time around, though, and the saggy crotches have been built into the worst male fashion trend of all time, the skinny jean.

Skinny jeans with saggy crotches.

dude with black hammer pants

They look like leggings with diapers.

This doesn’t make Chris Brown look more ridiculous, at all. Nope.

Can someone please explain this to me?

You aren’t going to fool anyone into thinking that your junk needs that much space. Even if you’re dancing a lot, that is just unnecessary – especially since you danced just fine in regular crotched skinny jeans not that long ago.


Bieber and Hammer Pants

No Biebs.




Make it stop.



You can find more from Kelly on Facebook and Twitter! Also, head over to this week’s Mother Freakin’ Co-Host post from BFF, Malisa! There’s a FLASH GIVE AWAY going on that ends soon! – super easy!

Attention Bloggers! Do YOU have a fashion trend that’s really a fashion faux pas? Send me your post and you might be featured on a Blogger Fashion Friday!

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