Black Friday – We need to have a chat.

Alright BFFs, let’s remember that this is a place of acceptance. I need you to take a deep breath and when you read the next sentence you have to *pinky promise* to still love me.

I LOVE Black Friday. #TrueStory

The deals. The crowds. The over-stimulated senses. THE CRAZINESS! I freakin’ love it all. Even when I mistakenly go out on Black Friday, I still love it!

But, I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or because Black Friday’s turned into Shit Brown Thursday…I’m done.

A Facebook Friend of mine posted this the other day and Lil Snarky BFYHI hope you take the time to read it. And maybe, just maybe, instead of buying a crappy lotion or junky plastic crap at the ginormous retailer (that imports most things from China) you’ll find a better alternative:

Sarah: I’m a small business & I cherish the relationships I’ve built over the last few years with Perfectly Posh. I take my reputation as a consultant who respects my friends and clients very seriously.That said, I am asking you to think of myself & other direct sales consultants as you are buying gifts for friends and family members this holiday season. 😁☃
I’m not Bath and Body Works or Lush. I’m just a woman who works. I love my products and sharing these high quality, naturally based pampering products with you!
Planning on buying your mom some fancy kitchen gadgets from Bed Bath & Beyond? Ask your contact list if anyone knows a Pampered Chef consultant instead.
Want to go out for manicures with your coworkers? Host a Jamberry Party instead.
Before going to Kay Jewelers, try a Stella & Dot, South Hill Design, or Origami Owl rep.
Before purchasing a Yankee Candle, ask around for a Pink Zebra consultant.
Want some amazing makeup? I know a couple of amazing women who sell Younique.
Whatever you do, consider this: your support to your friends’ businesses will last far longer and mean much more than any gift that can be bought in a store and is impacting real families vs big box stores.

So next time you go to Macy’s or big retail stores, think about your family and friends who may sell high quality products online & many whom offer awesome deals! Supporting small business is vitally important to our economy!

Thank you all for your continued support & looking forward to helping you during this holiday season!

It’s not you Black Friday, it’s me and my desire to do better¹.


¹Actually, since I want to do better, maybe it IS YOU!?!?!?

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