Big Favor BFFs!

Chronic pain is totally kicking my ass again and if it doesn’t let up in the next day or two I’ll need to go back on some strong meds that pretty much turn me into a zombie, but without the eating brains part. I’m doing everything I can to avoid that, but if I can’t get my body to calm the hell down, then it is what it is.

Which brings me back to depression and coping.

The Box¹ isn’t done. It’s okay though. I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do with it and it’ll be worth it to take my time. Until it’s done and full of things to help me cope, I’m just brainstorming and collecting things to help out right now because I’m really going to need a bit of help.

RR1054 Bless Your Heart ChunkBesides taking baths, playing puzzle games, listening to music, reading, and chatting with friends, one of the things that makes me feel good is bringing happiness to other people. Here’s what we’re going to do. Tomorrow I’m going to post a give-away for some awesome Perfectly Posh goodies. I’m going to need your help by being awesome BFFs and entering my give-away.

You’ll get a chance at some super awesome pampering calm the fuck downproducts (for yourself or you can use them as gifts #smart) and I’ll get to make a bunch of you happy by giving you super awesome pampering products! #winning

Check in with me tomorrow…until then, let’s just hope my body calms the fuck down.



¹I can’t think of a cool name for my self-care kit/toolbox/box…what ever…so from now on it’ll be referred to as “The Box”.

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