About Me

I’m Kimberly: A born again princess that loves to write, cook (eat), read, make art, workout, play Rock Band, mountain bike, homeschool my kid, and amuse myself with the stories of everyday living. Even though I’ve struggled with mental and physical health problems over the last few years, I try to stay positive and true to myself.

I share my fairytale life with my Super Hero husband, Nathan, and our three kids: The Social Guy (my 20 year old son), The Artist (my 19 year old step-daughter), and The Brainiac (our 13 year old son).

Joined by our faithful pets, Bailey the Bendy Dog, and our rescue dog, Tiara, we have *way* more fun and adventure then your average Disney® family.

Feel free to email me: princess@themfp.com or find me on Facebook!

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