A question for my BFFs: “Where would you park?”

BFFs, I have a question for you:

Handicap parking placard

Let’s say you had ankle surgery and your doctor helped you get a temporary handicap parking sticker. Let’s also say that you’re finally progressing well and most days you don’t really *need* the sticker. In fact, today was one of those days. You’re feeling pretty good!

You pull into a store’s parking lot and notice that most of their 17 handicap parking spaces are empty. As you drive down the parking lane, you see one regular spot open – right next to the handicap spots!

Where do you park; in the ‘close to the door’, non-handicap spot or in one of the several open handicap spots? And why?

Think about it a little bit before you answer:

Handicap SpotIf you leave the spot that’s closest to the door open, a mom with young children might park there. She can’t park in one of the handicap spots.

Or maybe an older couple, who tire easily could park in that nice close spot, but they couldn’t park in a handicap spot, because they’re not ‘that’ old.

And what about a “normal” person who’s in a hurry to grab their kids from daycare? Couldn’t they use a close spot?

BUT….what if you take a handicap spot and a dozen other handicap people come to the store while your in there. There aren’t any spots left, and the last handicap person to enter the parking lot had to park half-way down the row, while you didn’t ‘really’ need to park close today.

What would YOU do?





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One Reply to “A question for my BFFs: “Where would you park?””

  1. *Normally I Park far from the entrance and hike in as it gives Maddie a chance to burn off some energy on the way to and from the store, and affords me a few extra minutes of walking. However, currently I am recovering from foot surgery and now am in the possesion of a handicap tag. Even on my better days I opt for the handicap space, as with any recovery, if you push to hard you can do more damage and actually delay the healing Process. By no means do I take it easy, I am just limiting how far I push my self.

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