A Little Less OCD

I’ve been doing this ‘training’ thing for a few reasons.  First, I’m going to try mountain bike racing this year – scary, yet freaking fun!  Second, I’m also going to run on a relay team, which will run almost 200 miles in the course of a day and a half.  Again – scary, yet freaking fun!  Third, I’m in the process of losing some extra, unwanted pounds.

During the first few weeks of my training I went total OCD on the weight loss part.  I wore my BodyBugg all the time.  I tracked every-single-thing I ate.  I was obsessed with the ‘numbers’ aspect of it and made a spreadsheet.  I entered in my calories burned and my calories consumed every day.  I posted on Facebook my calorie burn, every day.  And then…I got bored with it all.

I took off the BodyBugg and didn’t track my food at all last week.  I still tracked my walking/running mileage and my biking.  But I really let go of the micro-management of the weight loss part of the journey.  My official weight-in day is today, Monday.  I lost three and a half pounds last week, which is more then I have lost in one week so far!  Yay for stopping the OCD and yay for the weight loss!

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  1. Great job Kimberly. It is hard to let go of the details sometimes but amazing what happens when our bodies figure out what to do!

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