A Little Less OCD

When I was younger I was a little compulsive about things.  Okay, I’m still compulsive about a few things…but I was *really* compulsive about toilet paper.

Not only was I particular about what kind of toilet paper I used (and Charmin Basic…is NOT the same thing as Charmin Ultra) but I was really picky about how the toilet paper was put on.  You know the whole ‘under’ or ‘over’ argument?  I was an ‘over the top’ person.

I was so OCD about the ‘over the top’ thing that if I was at someone’s house and the toilet paper was on ‘wrong’ I’d fix it for them.  I know, I know…totally freaky.

Fast forward to me now:

I have three kids and a dog who likes to unroll the toilet paper.  My only hope is that there’s more then one square left on the roll.

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One Reply to “A Little Less OCD”

  1. I have not outgrown this OCD tendency toward the toilet paper. I do the same thing with the over/under thing, and over is absolutely right. It is too hard to find the end of the roll when it is coming off the back!

    What I don’t get is how one month I can buy a certain type of toilet paper and it feel fine and the next time I buy it they have changed it up and it doesn’t feel right at all! It’s hard to be picky when the manufacturers keep switching things around on me!

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