I *Will* Wear a Tutu, but Not Dirty Socks

The Social Guy (16) and I were having a lively discussion about mountain biking the other day. He was giving me crap about my race outfit:

He said that his mountain bike friends made fun of him for having a mom who wore a tutu. I disagreed and went on and on and on about how fun I am.

The Social Guy then said I was right and all his friends are probably just jealous.

There was a long silence…

And then The Brainiac (10) said, “or maybe not” and the boys broke out into giggles.

Just wait until the new mountain bike racing season starts up. I’ll be sporting these new socks with my tutu…

I’ll be wearing these for the first race (Thanks Sissy):

And how about ‘Christmas in July’ (Thanks Amy)?

Yeah…I’m totally more fun then most.



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