Road Trip Wrap Up!

WOW! I can’t believe just over a week ago my coach, Noelle, and I left for an amazing road trip from Minnesota to Vegas, for Beachbody’s annual training and celebration event, and we’re back already!

It was truly an epic event. We had ordered some super cute tiaras to give out along the way and while we were at Vegas, but it seemed that we stopped at odd hours for gas and felt a little weird asking the guys who were working if they’s wear a tiara and take a selfie with us…so we didn’t hand any out on the way down. But when we got to Vegas, we started handing them out all over the place! (Mostly to other coaches, because I get pretty shy. I know, hard to believe, but it’s totally true.)

noelle packed lightI started the week without my knee scooter because my ankle had been doing to awesome after Fusion #2. I figured as long as no one minded that I was slow, I wouldn’t need the scooter. After just one
walk from Tropicana to MGM it was pretty obvious that I’d be needing that knee scooter. So glad we found a way to bring it!

Even though I was on the knee scooter, it was pretty obvious that my energy and stamina wasn’t back up to normal yet. I got slower and slower about handing out the tiaras and had to work hard at keeping a smile on my face. Good thing I was surrounded by an awesome team of coaches to keep my spirits up:

team set free summit 2014
Team Set Free – Summit 2014

When I got up and ready to head out the door on Friday though, I knew my time on the knee scooter was up. My knee was so bruised from one and a half days of scooting that I couldn’t even rest it on the scooter.

It was time for the big guns: a motorized scooter. Which I think some people think is cool, but honestly? It kind of sucks. No one can see you in the scooter and even when they can see you, they tend to cut you off and then look at you funny when you accidentally¹ hit them. It was a good thing I was worn out from all the extra activity so I didn’t get overly cranky with people…right?

Any way, Beachbody’s Summit was awesome and I can’t wait to fill you in on a bunch of the things I learned about, but for now? I’m recovering from the whole trip and especially the ride home – which was FULL of crazy wild life:

  • Tons of mule deerAntelopeJackrabbit
  • A crazy GIANT jackrabbit – Srsly…this thing was like over THREE FEET tall!
  • Wild cows? What the heck?!?!
  • A heard of bison walking across the road
  • Hundreds of kangaroo rats running across the road
  • A fox (maybe two)
  • Mountain lions
  • A lost female elk – She did a little dance about five feet in front of my car.
  • A caribou standing on the side of the road
  • A different caribou pooping on the side of the road
  • A WILD FREAKIN’ HORSE grazing on the grass, right on the side of the rcaution-qhoad. Apparently the grass on the side of the road tastes better than any of that other desert grass out there?

What’s the craziest animal you’ve seen on the side of the road? And does the Jackalope exist? Because I swear that giant rabbit was really a female Jackalope!



Looking down isn’t always a bad thing.

One of the videos that’s been going around on the internet over the last month is “Look Up” by Gary Turk. If you haven’t seen it, check it out:

Theres a part of me that understands what Gary’s saying, but there’s another part of me that disagrees. I don’t think using electronic Look Updevices or social media always results in us spending more time alone, or that we’re going to miss our chance at true love if we send a text or post a status on Facebook.

A few weeks ago was Mother’s Day, and even though we’re not the type of family to go crazy celebrating holidays, it’s still nice to spend some time with my kids – especially now that they’re older and two of them are out of the house. But Matthew’s away at college and had to work on Mother’s Day, so he couldn’t join us for our traditional brunch with my mother in-law. Instead he sent me a text.


No visit.

No card.

No phone call.

No gift.

Just a text¹.

Mattew Text 1

Matthew Text 2


He made me cry on Mother’s Day morning, because this was the best gift he could have ever given me. I sure hope he didn’t have to sacrifice meeting his one true love while he was looking down to text it, but if he did? I think it was worth it ;)


¹Actually it wasn’t just an awesome text, he also made a beautiful post on Facebook. I’m a very lucky mom. And if you wanted to listen to “My Wish” by Rascal Flatts here you go:

featured darkly thingy

How much are you worth?

I’m a huge believer in personal development. It started over 20 years ago when my Mary Kay director encouraged me to read “self-help” books. I had no money (I had just spent it all on a kit to become a Mary Kay consultant), but I was full of willingness and I had a great work ethic,  so even though she didn’t lend out books in her library often, she lent me my very first personal development book. It was, “What to Say When You Talk to Your Kids” by Shad Helmstetter¹. (Plus, I worked at the hotel where she held her weekly meetings so even if I quit Mary Kay she could still easily find me to get her book back. )

Um….I was an “adult” at the time, 18 years old and ready to own the world. I had no interest in having kids yet, but my Mary Kay lady, Gail, was the most spectacular woman I had ever met. She was elegant, kind, and simply a-maz-ing. If Gail wanted me to read this book, then I would read it. I’d pretty much do anything Gail told me to do – even go door to door or cold call people from the phone book looking for models to put in my Before and After Portfolio. So I read the book and took every word Shad Helmstetter wrote to heart.

Not much time had passed after I read that first book and I found out that I was pregnant with my first child. Tragically, I lost her in a horrific car accident when I was eight months pregnant.  As I struggled with the mental and physical loss from that night, many Mary Kay consultants all over the country wrote me letters and sent me cards telling me that they were sorry for my loss and they hoped prayed that I was okay and their hearts were with me. It’s probably why I continue to buy Mary Kay products to this day.

3 Vital BehaviorsLots of time has passed since that life altering night and I’ve read so many books since then, but I find myself, again, with a company who’s HUGE into personal development and growth. In fact, one of their “Three Vital Behaviors” is personal development.  So I’ve been doing a lot more reading over the last year – which is good because I’m going through another really fucking hard time in life. I also have ADD pretty bad, so instead of reading one book at a time, I’m in the middle of five different books and two audio books, but what ever, I’m not here to talk about my ADD right now.

One of those seven books in particular is hitting me in the gut pretty hard: “25 Ways to Win with People” by John Maxwell

You see, the very first way John tells you to win with people is to “Start with Yourself”. In his opinion, you can’t find the worth and value in others until you can find the worth and value in yourself.

As a child born of a teen pregnancy and told repeatedly how much my parents never wanted me – I have a hard time finding my own value.

As a “new adult” who caused the death of my unborn child by accident – I have a hard time finding my own value.

As a step-parent who couldn’t find a way to successfully co-parent with my step-daughter’s mom or protect my step-daughter from certain things that happened to her – I have a hard time finding my own value.

As a mom who’s own child walked away from me and called me insane, among other things – I have a hard time finding my own value.

As a person who’s been battling not only depression, but also a long term injury that has left me helpless too many times to count – I have a hard time finding my own value.

So I sit here alone, in the dark, at almost 4:00 in the morning, trying to find my own value. And I don’t exactly know what it is, but if I can just reach one other person out there who’s struggling to find their value and tell them that they’re not alone – then maybe….just maybe…I am valuable.



¹You can pick the book “What to Say When You Talk Your Kids” from Amazon for ONE FREAKIN’ PENNY! Which is crazy, because personally I think the book is worth way more than one penny. (No affiliate link here, Amazon and MN are currently fighting over sales tax laws.) Also, it wouldn’t be fair to John Maxwell if I didn’t include a link to his book 25 Ways to Win with People.


Bad advice, glitter, and lesson learned.

“The reason why we often get poor advice is that it’s hard to find a person who always has our best interest at heart, isn’t envious in any way, and at no level thinks he knows what’s best for you.”

~David J. Lieberman, Get Anyone to do Anything

About a year ago I signed up for a blogging service¹ that specialized in helping people find their niche market and get more “professional” results from their blogging efforts. I’ve been blogging (off and on) for five years now and even though I have awesome readers (Um…the best BFFs in the whole freakin’ world!), I was hoping to expand my blog and I don’t know….do something with it.

See? NO TIARA in my profile picture!
See? NO TIARA in my profile picture!

This person’s advice to me was to ditch The MFP and start over with Kimberly M. Olson, because our name is what really matters and it has better brand recognition than some silly nickname we came up with one day when we were sick and tired of being a suburban housewife. *le sigh*

So I started my blog over and had Facebook rename my fan page. I also started to use a new email address and changed Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram to as close to my name as I could.

But, I just can’t get my mojo going with my new real name. I mean sure, I think I had a couple good posts, and I’ve shared some okay pictures, but it just doesn’t *feel* right. As I was talking to one of my good friends about moving all my MFP posts to kimberlymolson, she started asking me about why I changed the name. All I could come up with is that “some guy on the internet” told me to. I also mentioned something like “sometimes I think the whole being a princess thing is stupid.” I mean seriously, I DO get a little tired of glitter, tutus, tiaras, and unicorns…

On second thought…I actually don’t get tired of those things at all.

I really do love things that sparkle.
I really do love things that sparkle.

I mean sure, there’s more to me than just this whole glitter-loving-princess thing – I’m a fighter too. I fight depression, arthritis, people who act like assholes, and all sorts of other stuff. I guess that’s where the Mother Freakin’ part comes into play, huh?

So I’m back here at TheMFP because, I guess, that’s exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram are all back to “normal” too, BUT Facebook has a silly rule about renaming Fan Pages.  You change your Fan Page name once. I can’t change it back to The Mother Freakin’ Princess. It literally depresses me every time I go on it and see “Kimberly M. Olson”.

So I have a big giant favor to ask of you. Can you go find me on my “new” page: The Mother Freakin’ Princess – The MFP

It’ll be fun! There’ll be glitter and cute stuff, and even some fight-y type stuff too! Most of all, I hope that YOU are there because without BFFs like you, the sparkles, unicorns, tiaras, and I just hang out alone and gather dust. And I really hate dust and spiders and dust that looks like spiders.

Oh, and bring your friends! We can never have enough BFFs! And wine…bring some of that too. We can never have enough wine! And glitter…because you all know we CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH GLITTER!

How about you? Have you gotten any bad advice lately?


¹I don’t think the blogging service I was working with is a “bad business” and deserves a bad write up so I’m not mentioning the name of the service in my post. They have helped a lot of people do great things with their blogs AND I’ve picked up a lot of good information with the service, but their view on branding didn’t do me any favors. If you’re really wanting to know which company it is send me an email and I’ll tell you.


Hello? Can anybody hear me? Is there anybody out there?

Sometimes when we’re having a rough day we just want to know we’re not alone. That we’re not the only one who’s ever screamed at their kid, said something shitty to their husband, ate a burrito at 10:00 in the morning, even though they already had breakfast, or who doesn’t actually like the song “Happy” by Pharrell or seen the movie Frozen yet.

Christmas or winter background with snowflake
At this point, I’m probably subconsciously boycotting Frozen because it’s April 18th and it’s been snowing here! GAH!

Sometimes we just want to know we’re not alone. Know what I mean?

I’m having an off day today.

Nothing’s really “wrong” – sure, my ankle was a little swollen this morning and a there was a bit of pain, but I HAVEN’T WALKED ON IT FOR OVER 9 WEEKS! I don’t expect there to be zero pain as I learn to walk again¹.

After assessing the condition of my ankle, and “counting my spoons“, I realized there are less “spoons” today then usual. I changed all my plans for the day and I’ve come to terms with the fact that today will be a rest day, so I can enjoy visiting with my family over the weekend for Easter. I also iced my ankle – which is sometimes hard to do with my nerve damage – and guess what? It feels a little better. YAY!

But I’m still a little “prickly” so I’m being careful of what I post on Facebook and how I talk to Nathan and Kade. I also made sure to say “Thank you” to my friend for taking Kade out of the house for the day. Just because I’m prickly, it doesn’t give me the right to deal with delicate situations with less tact then I normally would or make someone else miserable.

I know how to deal with my craptastic attitude: I’m spending a little time listening to music (quick shout out to one of my Facebook BFFs, Shanna, for introducing me to Gregory Alan Isakov) and after I hit publish on this post, I’m going to mess around with my art supplies. I’m pretty sure there’s also a bubble bath with my name on it later this afternoon. All of those things usually help me clear my head.

Photo courtesy of Kelly Doudna

But I think I really just want to know that I’m not alone. That I’m not the only one who feels off today. That maybe there are a few people, just like me, who feel a bit cranky sometimes for no real reason, even if you’re not cranky today.

So leave me a comment, send me a message, hit the “like” button, tweet me on Twitter (is that how you say it?), find me on Instagram, or pin something cool for me on Pinterest.

Just tell me I’m not alone.


¹Learning to walk again? Maybe it’s more like again-again-again-again-again? I’ve lost track1932654_619243078164451_4647311293781943854_o of how many times in my life I’ve had to re-learn how to walk. (This should tell me that I don’t quit easily and that somewhere, under all the glitter and the tutu, is a fighter – who doesn’t ever give up.)